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About Kerui Refractory

Kerui Refractory is located in China’s largest refractory industry zone: Chaohua Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province.

Founded in 2004, Kerui Refractory is an international high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and innovation, manufacturing, solutions and service of high-performance refractory products. Kerui attached great importance on R&D.

In the past decades, we’ve obtained one invention patent certificate and more than 20 utility model patent certificates. Kerui insists on technological innovation to provide customers with better products.

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What Does Kerui Refractory Do?
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Kerui Refractory has placed a strong emphasis on research and development (R&D) and continuous innovation. We have a dedicated team of researchers and scientists who constantly explore new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes in the refractory industry. Through our R&D efforts, we strive to develop advanced and high-performance refractory solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries. This includes investigating new materials, optimizing existing formulations, and improving manufacturing techniques to enhance the properties and characteristics of refractory products.

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Kerui Refractory offers a wide range of refractory products to cater to different industries and applications. We develop and manufacture high-quality refractory materials that are used in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and mechanical stress. Kerui product portfolio includes various types of refractories, such as bricks, monolithic refractories, castables, coatings, precast shapes, etc. These products are designed to withstand the severe conditions encountered in industries like steel, cement, glass, petrochemicals, and more. Kerui Refractories ensures that our products meet the required standards of performance, durability, and reliability.

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Kerui Refractory provides comprehensive solutions to address the specific needs and challenges faced by our customers. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop customized refractory solutions tailored to their applications. Whether it is designing lining systems for furnaces, kilns, or reactors, or providing solutions for thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, or mechanical stability, Kerui Refractory offers expertise and technical support. We also assist customers in installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of refractory linings, ensuring optimal performance and extended service life of the refractory products.

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quality CONTROL

Focus on refractory industry for 20 years, Kerui Refractory stands out because of superior refractory products. Kerui established engineering technology center and professional physical and chemical analysis laboratory to control the quality. From the selection of raw materials to the inspection of final products, Kerui always conducts strict quality control.

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Global Cases of Kerui Refractory

Kerui Refractory is the first choice of worldwide customers, including a dozens of world’s top 500 enterprises. Up to now, Kerui Refractory has exported high-quality refractories to more than 5 continents. Due to superior products, Kerui Refractory has accumulated excellent reputation and fostered long-term partnerships in the global market.

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Kerui Partners

With feasible solutions and considerate service, Kerui has developed stable cooperation relationships with global customers. Our cooperation is based on a common win-win goal. Together with Kerui, we can create innovative solutions and realize your success in high temperature industries.

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  • One-to-one Service
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  • Quality Management System
    Quality Management System Ensures the Stability of Products
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    Regular Customers’ Visit and Lifelong After-sales Service
The Voice from Kerui Customers
  • – Sam from Canada
    “Among so many refractory brick suppliers, we choose Kerui Refractory. Refractory bricks bought from Kerui Refractory are uniform in size and have a long service life. We believe that we will carry out long-term cooperation with Kerui Refractories in the future.”
  • – Andy from Korea
    “On behalf of our company, I purchased a batch of ceramic fiber boards from Kerui Refractory. The delivery team arranged the fastest and most reasonable shipment, which greatly promoted the progress of our company’s proj-ect. Working with Kerui Refractory always makes me feel warm and at ease.”
  • – Frank from Morocco
    “I’m satisfied with refractory bricks and insulation bricks from Kerui Refractory. The appearance of these bricks is neat, the color is uniform, and the use experience is beyond imagination. More importantly, Kerui Refractory provides professional technical service for us, which saves our time and energy greatly.”
  • – Mustafa from Turkey
    “As a long-term partner of Kerui Refractory, we always purchase insulation bricks and refractory bricks and other materials from Kerui Refractory regularly. The product quality of Kerui Refractory is very stable,. We have never found any quality problems. When we encountered problems, Kerui Refractory will solve them positively.”
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