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Silicon Carbide Plate

Silicon carbide plate has enough high-temperature strength to support and isolate in high-temperature kilns. Especially in the industrial production process. This product has good wear resistance. If you are interested in this product, welcome to inquire us.

  • 90%

    sic (≥)

  • 2.70 -2.75g/cm²

    Bulk Density

  • 1500℃

    Max Service Temp

  • 1750kg/cm³

    Refractoriness Under Load


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Silicon Carbide Plate

Technical Data of Kerui Silicon Carbide Plate

The main raw material of the carborundum plate is silicon carbide (SIC). Therefore, this product’s high strength is comparable to carborundum. Silicon carbide plates are generally used in the bottom, walls, partitions and other parts of ceramic kilns. This product is suitable for large-area construction sites. Therefore, using SIC kiln shelves in ceramic kilns can improve production efficiency.

Depending on the manufacturing process, we also produce sintered silicon carbide refractory plates, reaction-bonded silicon carbide ceramic plates and recrystallized silicon carbide plates. Kerui recrystallized silicon carbide products offer high purity, while reaction-sintered silicon nitride plates provide high mechanical strength.

KERUI Silicon Carbide Refractory Plate
KERUI Silicon Carbide Plate
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Item/GradeTechnical Data
ω (SIC)/%90
Max.Service Temperature/°C/1500
Refractoriness Under Load/ ≥(kg/cm²)2kg/cm²1750
Modulus of Rupture at Room Temperature/(kg/cm²)500
Modulus of Rupture/ ≥(kg/cm²)at 1400°C100
Compressive Strength/%1300
Thermal Expansion/%at 1000°C0.42 -0.48
Apparent Porosity/%/7-8
Bulk Density/(g/cm²)/2.70 - 2.75
Thermal Conductvity/(kcal/m.hr.℃)at 1000°C13.5-14.5

Features of Kerui Silicon Carbide Plate

  • The silicon carbide sheet has a wide operating temperature range. The application temperature range is about 800℃-1400℃;
  • High thermal conductivity can save kiln performance;
  • Good resistance to chemical erosion and anti-aging;
  • It has good thermal shock resistance and is not easy to break when faced with changes in extremely cold and hot working environments;
  • The density is high, the surface is smooth, and there will be no slag when used;
  • Strong adaptability, able to adapt to oxidizing atmosphere and reducing atmosphere in ceramic production;
  • Kerui carbide plate has application as one side for a long time and does not need to be turned over frequently, which improves work efficiency;
  • SIC refractory kiln furniture has high strength, long service life, and turnover times of approximately 500-1000 times;

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Main Uses of Kerui Silicon Carbide Plate

Ceramic Industry

silicon carbide plates find extensive applications in the ceramic industry. They are commonly used in the production of grinding wheels, ceramic coatings like enamel and electrical insulators, everyday ceramics, architectural ceramics, as well as glass and paper manufacturing processes. Includes nozzles, blast nozzles, kiln furniture and cyclone components.

Metallurgy Industry

Over 65% of large blast furnaces worldwide utilize silicon carbide materials, enhancing furnace longevity by up to 40%. These materials are extensively employed as furnace linings or crucibles when smelting aluminum, copper, and zinc. Moreover, silicon nitride plate finds utility in manufacturing immersed thermocouple tips for measuring steel temperature in electric furnaces. If you’de like to explore more cases, please visit KERUI Pinterest.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, ceramic heat exchangers are often used to recover waste heat from various furnaces by preheating gases or liquids. Silicon carbide refractory plates, with their exceptional thermal properties and high-temperature strength, can serve as efficient heat exchanger materials. The thermal conductivity of silicon carbide is three times higher than that of steel, making it an ideal material for manufacturing thermocouple protection tubes for temperature measurements up to 1400°C.

Energy Industry

Carborundum plates have wide application as environmental heat exchangers. And high-temperature purified coal gas is directly used in gas turbines for power generation, significantly improving electricity generation efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

Filtration System

Silicon carbide plates play an important role in high-performance, high-temperature particulate control ceramic filtration systems. These systems not only facilitate the use of advanced mineral fuels but also have significant potential for application in other high-temperature industrial processes, waste incineration and more. Kerui Refractory Company will offer the best quality and service.

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