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Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic fiber products are new kinds of insulation products and has exceptional performances. The classification temperature is as high as 1600℃ (2912℉), which has wide uses in most of high temperature industries. Kerui is a professional ceramic fiber products supplier.

9 Types of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products

1– Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Kerui High-quality Ceramic Fiber Blanket for Sale
  • Al2O3 ≥(%): 35-52
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 64-128
  • Shot Content ≤(%): 12-15
  • Classification Temperature (℃): 1260-1430
  • Linings of industrial kilns
  • Insulation material for high temp tube
  • Fire proof
  • Materials for ceramic fiber module
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Chemical Stability
Good Tensile Strength
Good Noise Reduction

2– Ceramic Fiber Module

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Module for Sale
  • Al2O3% (≥): 35-52
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 160-220
  • Classification Temperature (℃): 1260-1430
  • Permanent Linear Change ≤(%): 2.5-3.0
  • Petrochemical industry: ethylene cracking furnace, reforming furnace, hydrogenation furnace, hydrogen production furnace.
  • Steel industry: continuous annealing furnaces and blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, converters and flues.
  • Electric power industry: waste heat boilers, tubular boiler doors, hot air ducts
  • Ceramic industry: trolley furnaces, roller hearth kilns, roller hearth furnaces, transformation kiln cars
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Elasticity
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Good Mechanical Strength

3– Ceramic Fiber Board

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale
  • Modules of Rupture ≥(MPa): 0.3
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 250-360
  • Classification Temperature (℃): 1260-1430
  • Loss of Ignition ≤(%): 6
  • Metallurgical industry: backing insulation, insulation sheet and mold insulation
  • Non-ferrous metal industry: backing of tundish and electrolyzer
  • Ceramic industry: lightweight kiln car structure and hot surface lining of the kiln, separation of each temperature zone of the kiln and fire protection
  • Glass industry: melt pool backing insulation, burner prefabricated blocks
  • Petrochemical industry: hot surface materials for lining high-temperature heating furnaces
  • Molds for forming deep-processed products such as craft glass
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Elasticity
Long Service Life
Good Peeling Resistance

4– Ceramic Fiber Paper

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Paper for Sale
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 200-240
  • Classification Temperature (℃): 1260-1350
  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 0.4-0.7
  • Thickness (mm): 0.5-6.4
  • Instruments and equipment, insulation materials for electric heating elements
  • Expansion joint filling material
  • Thermal insulation materials for automotive, construction, metallurgy and glass industries
  • Molten metal seal
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Electrical Insulation
Good Machining Performance
Low Ball Content

5– Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Cloth for Sale
  • Color: White
  • Organic Content ≤(%): 15
  • Bulk Density (kg/m³): 500
  • Continuous Temperature Use Limit (℃): 650-1000
  • Industrial kiln and flue insulation and sealing
  • Flexible expansion joint
  • Seal of heat exchanger, valve and pump and kiln car
  • High temperature resistant insulated wire, cable covering
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Electrical Insulation
Good Chemical Stability
High Refractoriness

6– Ceramic Fiber Rope

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Rope for Sale
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): 380-500
  • Continuous Temperature Use Limit (℃): 650-1000
  • Organic Content ≤(%): 15
  • Reinforcement: Glass Fiber/Stainless Steel
  • High temperature pipe insulation and sealing
  • Cable insulation covering
  • Kiln opening, brick wall, furnace door seal
  • Flexible expansion joint link
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Electrical Insulation
Good Chemical Stability
High Refractoriness

7– Ceramic Fiber Tube

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Tube for Sale
  • Bulk Density (kg/m³): 100-300
  • Service Temperature (℃): 1000-1260
  • Color: White
  • Shot Content %(Φ>0.25mm): 11-13.6
  • Glass industry, including float, flat electronics, daily glass
  • Biomass power generation furnacey
  • Nonferrous metal kiln
  • Coking and carbon black industries
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Mechanical Strength
Good Chemical Stability
High Refractoriness

8– Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Wool for Sale
  • Al2O3 ≥(%): 35-52
  • SiO2 ≥(%): 47-55
  • Classification Temperature (℃):1260-1430
  • Shot Content ≤(%):12-15
  • Electric power and petrochemical pipeline insulation
  • Industrial kiln wall backings
  • Ceramic fiber module processing materials
  • Fireproof shutter and sound insulation materials
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Chemical Stability
No Binding Agents and Corrosive Substances
Good Noise Reduction

9– Calcium Silicate Board

Kerui High-quality Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale
  • SiO2 (%): 46-48
  • CaO (%): 39-41
  • Bulk Density (kg/m³): 230-270±10%
  • Maximum Use Temperature (℃): 1000
  • Expansion joints and mold insulation
  • Thermal insulation of tundish and chute cover
  • Linings for combustion in industrial and domestic boilers
  • Kiln temperature zone separation and fire protection
Low Thermal Conductivity
Good Elasticity
Long Service Life
Good Peeling Resistance

Certificates of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products

Kerui ceramic fiber insulation products have international certifications include ISO, CE and SGS certifications. Correspondingly, there is assurance on the quality as well as performance. Besides, Kerui owns numerous honors from the refractory industry as well as local government. Kerui is a reliable refractory product supplier with a strong sense of social responsibility. Customers are assured to buy excellent ceramic fiber insulation products.

KERUI Certificates

Brief Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Product

Main raw material of Kerui ceramic fiber insulation products is high-purity calcium silicate strict. Additionally, Kerui produces them high-temperature melting and fiber making processes. The ceramic fiber is white and odorless. Therefore, it has good toughness, so it can achieve better insulation effect and apply in a wider range of industries. To meet different kinds and requirements in various situations, Kerui offers a wide range of ceramic fiber products.

Alternative names for Kerui ceramic fiber products are ceramic fiber textile products, high temperature ceramics, calcium silicate products, calcium silicate fire resistant products and so on.

Buy Kerui Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products
Kerui High-quality Ceramic Fiber Products for Sale

Manufacturing Process of Ceramic Fiber Product

1. Preparation of Raw Materials 2. Form of Ceramic Fiber 3. Mold Ceramic Fiber Products 4. Package and Delivery
The process begins with the preparation of raw materials. The main components are alumina and silica, which are typically derived from minerals such as aluminium bauxite and quartz. Besides that, these raw materials undergo crushing, grinding and mixing to achieve the desired chemical composition and consistency.

  • Strict quality control on raw materials;
  • Advanced processing equipment for raw materials;
After preparing the raw materials, employees will process them to ceramic fiber. There are two common methods for forming ceramic fibers:

  • Spinning: melting the raw materials at high temperatures and then spun into fine fibers using centrifugal force or air blowing techniques. Workers need to collect the fibers on a rotating drum or a collection device, forming a fibrous mat.
  • Blowing: in the blowing process, the molten raw materials will force through spinnerets or nozzles, where cool them by air or gas streams. This results in the formation of fine ceramic fibers.
When it comes to the molding system, it will form ceramic fibers depending on the desired application. Besides, some common forms of ceramic fiber products include blankets, boards, modules, papers, cloths, ropes, tubes and wool. Then it comes to compressing, layer or weaving of ceramic fiber products to achieve the desired thickness, density, and shape.

  • Precise molding system;
  • Highly automatic equipment allows efficient production;
After molding ceramic fiber products, Kerui will conduct strict quality control to ensure these products meet the specifications and standards. After passing the quality control checks, Kerui employees will pack the these products for delivery. Additionally, packaging methods may vary depending on the product form and customer requirements. Then Kerui workers will ship these products to their intended destinations and ready for use in various applications. If you wonder more information about refractory ceramic products, you can have a look at what others say in Quora.

  • High-quality as well as fast production;
  • Safe and on-time delivery;

What’s Kerui Ceramic Fiber Product Price?

Kerui is the original ceramic fiber product manufacturer and has greater decision-making power on pricing. In order to expand the market size, Kerui adopts the sales model of small profits but quick turnover. Importantly, Kerui provide more reasonable prices under the premise of ensuring quality.

In addition to the favorable price, you will find that the quality of Kerui ceramic fiber products is even better. Because we have strict quality control system and commitment to stable partners. If you want higher quality ceramic fiber products at lower price, please get in touch with Kerui today.

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products with Wide Uses
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Delivery Cycle of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products

Immediate Delivery For Standard Products

There is enough stock for standard ceramic fiber products. Therefore, it can realize immediate delivery. This means that as soon as you place your order, we can instantly ship the products to your location. You can count on us to provide fast and reliable delivery of our standard ceramic fiber insulation products to keep your projects on schedule.

5-7 Days For Customized Ceramic Fiber Products

Kerui supports customized sizes, shapes as well as chemical compositions of ceramic fiber products. From the design to final production, it may only costs 5-7 working days! Then Kerui will arrange the delivery as soon as possible. Besides, Kerui delivery team will update the latest news to you.

Package of Kerui ceramic fibre insulation Products

Ceramic Fiber Products Manufacturer in China – Kerui Refractory

Customized Service

Kerui team tries our best to satisfy unique requirements of different customers and offer customized service. Whether it’s a particular product dimension, density, thickness as well as performance requirement, our experienced team collaborates closely with customers to provide tailored solutions. Therefore, this personalized approach ensures that customers receive ceramic fiber products that perfectly match their application requirements and promote the successful development of business.

Strong Factory Ability

The annual output of Kerui factory is more than 150,000 tons of refractory materials include fire bricks, insulation bricks, unshaped refractory material and insulation ceramic fiber materials. What’s more, Kerui factory equips with advanced equipment and has a large production capacity. Therefore, this allows us to efficiently meet both small and large-scale orders. With a focus on quality control and precision manufacturing processes, Kerui Refractory ensures consistent and reliable performance.

R&D Ability

Driven by innovation, Kerui Refractory places great importance on research and development. More importantly, there is a dedicated R&D team comprising experts and engineers who continually strive to improve product performance, which enhances manufacturing techniques and develop new ceramic fiber products. Through extensive research, testing and innovation, Kerui Refractory stays at the forefront of the industry, which offers cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving customer demands.

Production Ability

Kerui Refractory production ability is a key strength that sets them apart. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of ceramic fiber products. For instance, ceramic blankets, boards, modules, papers, cloths, ropes, tubes and wool. With their advanced production processes and efficient operations, they can fulfill large-scale production requirements while maintaining strict quality standards. Kerui Refractory’s robust production ability ensures a steady supply of high-quality products to meet diverse customer needs.

Kerui Case Show about refractory ceramic fiber insulation

FAQs About Ceramic Fiber Lining Products

Here are some common questions and answers that customers may have regarding to ceramic fiber products:

Is Kerui a Manufacturer or Trader?
Kerui Refractory is an original manufacturer in China. Founded in 2004, Kerui has rich experience in refractory industry.
Can I Visit Factory?
Yes! Welcome to visit Kerui factory at any time. The factory is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province. Contact Kerui to arrange your visit.
Can You Provide Free Sample?
Yes! Kerui provides free sample. Customers should undertake the freight. Please tell us which product you’re interested in for more details.
Do You Accept Customization?
Yes! Kerui factory supports customized sizes, shapes, chemical compositions and other aspects of ceramic fiber lining products. There are more than 20 engineers who are ready for customized solutions for you.
How Is Your Production Ability?
According to the data, the annual output of Kerui is about 150,000 tons. Among them, there are 100,000 tons of shaped refractory products as well as 50,000 tons of unshaped refractory products.
How Long Can I Receive My Products?
  • For standard ceramic fiber products: 20 working days (immediate shipment in stock and 20 working days of shipment);
  • For customized ceramic fiber products: 35 working days (5-7 working days of production and 30 days of shipment).
Do You Offer Technical Guidance?
Yes! Kerui professional engineers offer technical guidance for the selection, construction, following maintenance of kilns and other issues.
How Should I Choose Suitable High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Products?
  • For standard products: please send us list of raw materials, dimensions, technical data, quantity and price terms;
  • For customized products: please send us list of raw materials, drawings, chemical and physical technical data, quantity and price terms.
What’s Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products Price?
The ceramic fiber products price varies depending on the type, specification and quantity. Please contact us for specific quotes and customized plans.
Is There Any Discount?
Yes! Kerui will hold irregular events. In addition, Kerui will give preferential prices to customers who purchase in bulk and have long-term cooperation.
What is the Lifespan of Ceramic Fiber Lining Products?
The life of Kerui ceramic fiber products depends on the conditions of use and the level of maintenance. Generally, these products can last for many years under the right conditions. We can provide advice on how to extend the service life of ceramic fiber products as well as your kilns.
How Do You Guarantee Quality?
To guarantee the quality of ceramic fiber products, Kerui arranges a strict quality control system and at least 8 quality control potions at every stage:

  • Quality control point1: purchase of raw materials that are in line with purchase standards;
  • Quality control point 2: control the fineness and granularity of raw materials;
  • Quality control point 3: control the fineness, granularity and water content of mud materials;
  • Quality control point 4: control the size of mold, number of ceramic fiber product presses and the bulk density, porosity as well as the single weight of ceramic fiber products;
  • Quality control point 5: control the appearance and size, corners as well as density of refractory ceramic fiber products;
  • Quality control point 6: control different temperatures in the sintering kiln, including the drying zone, transition zone, sintering zone, cooling zone, etc;
  • Quality control point 7: control the final products according to drawing, including sizes, corners, impurities and other aspects;
  • Quality control point 8: conduct a comprehensive inspection of the final product in accordance with inspection procedures.

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