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Silicon Carbide Tube

Silicon carbide tube uses high-purity SIC (more than 99%) as the main raw material and created through high-temperature sintering. As a protective component in high-temperature equipment, silicon carbide tubes have excellent corrosion and wear resistance.

  • 88-99.5%

    SiC (≥)

  • 1300-1650℃

    Working Temperature

  • 2.7-3.1g/cm³

    Bulk Density

  • 300-2100MPa

    Compressive Strength


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KERUI Silicon Carbide Tube for Sale

Technical Data Sheet of KERUI Silicon Carbide Tube

In addition to general high-temperature durability, Kerui silicon carbide kiln shelf supports exhibit exceptional hardness and electrical conductivity. This silicon carbide pipe won’t pollute the liquid in the kiln. According to different technology, we can divide them into SiC tubes, reaction bonded SiC tubes and recrystallized SiC tubes. The excellent performance makes this product a potential replacement for traditional semiconductors (such as silicon) in high-temperature applications.

Next, we provide you with the basic parameters of silicon carbide tubes. (The data in the parameter table are obtained through many tests by the Kerui technical team. Of course, Kerui is happy to customize various parameters according to your needs.)

Recrystallized SiCSintered SiCReaction Bonded SiC
ω(SiC)/%99.50%98%> 88%
Max Working Temperature/°C165015501300
Bulk density(g/cm3)2.73.1> 3
Apparent Porosity/%< 15%2.50.1
Bending Strength/MPa110400380
Compressive Strength/MPa>30022002100
Thermal Expansion4.6(1200℃)4.0(<500℃)4.4(<500℃)
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)35~3611065
Main FeaturesHigh Temperature Resistance, High Strength, High PurityGood ToughnessGood Chemical resistance

Features and Advantages

  • High-Temperature Resistance: KERUI silicon carbide tubes are stable at high temperatures. They can be used up to 1700°C in air and 1950°C in nitrogen or argon atmospheres.
  • High-Pressure Resistance: The tubes maintain high density. They are gas-impermeable up to 31 MPa from room temperature to 1000°C. This makes silicon carbide plates and supports suitable for vacuum conditions.
  • High Purity: With silicon carbide content over 99%, these tubes do not contaminate materials.
  • Good Corrosion and Wear Resistance: Even at high temperatures, these tubes resist corrosion and wear, ensuring no material contamination.
  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance: High thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock performance allow the tubes to withstand rapid temperature changes.

Typical Uses of Silicon Carbide Tube

  • Protection components: Protection components or as silicon carbide thermocouple protection tube for high-temperature equipment such as medium frequency forging, various heat treatment electric furnaces, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting, etc. If you’re interested in more uses, please visit Kerui Tiktok.
  • External Tube Heating: Provides the required working environment inside the tube.
  • Kiln Furnace Tubes: Essential components in kilns.
  • Kiln Furniture: Support structures inside kilns.
  • Vacuum Furnace Components: Crucial parts in vacuum furnaces.
  • High-Temperature Furnace Linings: Suitable for furnaces operating above 1400°C.
  • Corrosive High-Temperature Furnaces: Ideal for tubular heating, sintering, and reaction furnaces with highly corrosive environments.

Silicon carbide pipes are essential in high-temperature industrial applications. Moroever, as an experienced manufacturer, you can enjoy factory silicon carbide tube price in Kerui Refractory. For more details and customization options, contact KERUI technical team. Find the perfect silicon carbide tube solution for your needs.

Silicon Carbide Protection Tube

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