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Low Cement Refractory Castable

As we can infer from the product name, low cement refractory castable refers to that castable with refractory cement less than 8%. Due to the specific proportion, Kerui low cement castable has excellent performance as well as useful applications.

  • 45-92

    Al2O3% (≥)

  • 2.3-3

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 72-85

    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)

  • 1450-1700

    Max Service Temperature (℃)

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KERUI Low Cement Castable

Brief Introduction of Kerui Low Cement Refractory Castable

According to the industry standard, low cement castable contains 1.0-2.5% CaO. When the content of CaO is less than 1%, it becomes ultra low cement castable. What is different from ordinary refractory castable is that part or most of the calcium aluminate cement in the matrix of low-cement and ultra-low-cement castable is replaced by ultra-fine powder with the same or similar chemical composition as the material. At the same time, an appropriate amount of water reducing agent and a certain amount of delayed coagulant are also added. Moreover, Kerui supports customized castable refractory composition to help you succeed.

Low Cement Castable
Kerui LC Castable
Low Cement Castable Refractory

Technical Index of Kerui Low Cement Refractory Castable

Item/GradeClayHigh AluminaCorundum
ω (Al2O3) ≥/%457592
ω (SiO2) ≥/%50125
ω (CaO)
Bulk Density(g/cm3)2.32.63
Cold Crushing Strength/Mpa727585
Permanent Linear Change/±%
Max Service Temperature/℃145016001700
Water Needed/%6.0-6.56.0-6.54.0-5.0

Classifications of KERUI Low Cement Castable

1. Low Cement Castable
  • Content: 1.0%-2.5% of CaO;
  • Property: high strength, high refractoriness, good slag resistance;
  • Application: steelmaking, cement and petrochemicals, where the lining is exposed to high temperatures and corrosive slag.
2. Ultra Low Cement Castable
  • Content: 0.2%-1.0% of CaO;
  • Property: high strength, excellent thermal shock resistance, superior slag resistance;
  • Application: in industries where severe conditions, such as rapid temperature fluctuations and aggressive slags…
3. No Cement Castable
  • Content: no CaO;
  • Property: superior strength, outstanding thermal shock resistance and exceptional slag resistance;
  • Application: areas with very high temperatures, aggressive slags, or where the absence of cement is crucial.

4. Fireclay Low Cement Castable
  • Content: Al2O3≥ 45%;
  • Property: superior strength, outstanding thermal shock resistance, exceptional slag resistance;
  • Application: lining of heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, various heat treatment furnaces and rotary kilns.
5. High Alumina Low Cement Castable
  • Content: Al2O3≥ 75%;
  • Property: superior strength, outstanding thermal shock resistance, exceptional slag resistance;
  • Application: lining of heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, various heat treatment furnaces and rotary kilns.
6. Corundum Low Cement Castable
  • Content: Al2O3≥ 92%;
  • Property: superior strength, outstanding thermal shock resistance, exceptional slag resistance;
  • Application: lining of the triangular area on the top of the steelmaking electric arc furnace and the lining of some components of the refining device.

Kerui Package about Refractory Cement

Performance of Low Cement Castable

High Service Temperature

The low cement castable has less high temp refractory cement. Therefore, the raw material has high purity. Moreover, Kerui low cement castable has higher service temperature. If your business has higher requirement on the castable product, this product is suitable for you.

Good Strength

Low cement castable exhibit good mechanical strength, ensuring that they maintain their structural integrity under high temperatures and mechanical stress. This strength is essential to prevent cracking or structural failure, especially in applications involving cyclic heating and cooling.

Strong Slag Resistance

In many industrial applications, especially in steel-making and non-ferrous metal industries, materials come into contact with slag, which is a byproduct of the metal refining process. Low cement castable are formulated to resist the corrosive effects of slag, ensuring the material remains durable and functional over extended periods.

High Stability

Stability in this context refers to the ability of the castable material to maintain its physical and chemical properties over time, even under challenging operating conditions. High stability ensures that the castable retains its strength, slag resistance and thermal properties throughout its service life, which contributes to the longevity of refractory linings.

Storage of Kerui Refractory Castable

Applications of Kerui Low Cement Refractory Castable for Sale

In fact, low cement type castables have many applications in industry including steel, steel foundries, furnaces for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, rotary kilns, incinerators and also for the manufacture of precast parts. The strength of these castables is usually equal to or greater than that of fired products.

Coupled with its ease of use, Kerui low cement castables have become an important part of the unshaped range of products. If you’re interested, please watch Kerui Youtube videos for more information.

Applications of Kerui Products

Choose KERUI as You Low Cement Castable Supplier

Supply Ability

With more than 20 years of experience on refractory industry, Kerui has strong ability in the design, production as well as supply ability. It’s available to order the low cement castable in 7 working days.

Technical Guidance

To help your business to be successful, Kerui offers professional technical guidance. Kerui engineers have rich project experience as well as knowledge. With their assistance, every customer can find the most suitable product. Moreover, they offers after-sales support and following maintenance service.

Product Strength

In addition to low cement castable, Kerui also provides a variety of unshaped products in other materials, such as castable of different materials, refractory cement, refractory mortar, refractory ramming materials, prefabricated parts made of refractory castable, etc. Of course, you can also find a variety of refractory bricks, insulation bricks, high temp ceramic insulation products and more.

Quality Assurance

The best proof of quality is the various international quality certificates. Kerui low cement castable have passed ISO/CE/SGS and other international certifications. In addition, Kerui has always insisted on exceeding industry standards and providing customers with higher quality products. In decades of development, Kerui has gained high recognition of product quality from customers in the industry with its advanced technology.

Reliable Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

KERUI Technical Support on Refractory Cement

Tips About Scientific Proportion of Low Cement Castable

Proper material selection and formulation are paramount to developing high-performance monolithic refractory materials. Here we can explore several key considerations that help you choose suitable low cement castable refractory.

1. High-Quality Aggregates and Fine Powder

Customers can choose high-quality aggregates such as high-alumina, mullite, or spinel. These materials should have excellent thermal and mechanical properties. The fine powder, often composed of reactive alumina and calcined alumina, should be carefully selected to ensure compatibility with the aggregates. Besides, you’d better determine the optimal ratio of aggregates to fine powder. This ratio affects the packing density of the mix, influencing its strength and thermal properties. A balanced proportion ensures a densely packed structure, enhancing the castable’s performance.

2. Micron and Ultrafine Powder Technology

The integrate micron and ultrafine powders into the mix. These fine particles fill voids between larger particles, enhancing packing density. This results in a more compact and cohesive structure, improving strength and thermal conductivity. Additionally, please pay attention to the particle size distribution of the powders. A well-graded mix with a range of particle sizes ensures optimal packing. Advanced powder technology allows for precise control over particle sizes, enhancing the overall performance of the alumina castable refractory.

3. Safe and Stable Binding Agent

It’s worth noting that choosing a stable binding agent, typically high-alumina or calcium aluminate cement, in appropriate proportions. The binding agent forms a strong bond between particles, ensuring the castable maintains its shape and integrity under high temperatures. Besides, you can ensure the binding agent is of high quality and consistent. Variations in the binding agent’s properties can significantly impact the castable’s performance. Regular testing and quality control measures are essential.

4. Water Reducing Agent

Use a water-reducing agent to enhance workability and reduce the water content. Lower water content leads to higher density and strength after curing and drying. Carefully measure the amount of water-reducing agent to optimize the mix. Moreover, Kerui Refractory Group helps you strike a balance between workability and water content. Excessive water can lead to porosity and reduced strength, while insufficient water can result in poor workability. Proper mixing techniques and the right amount of water-reducing agent ensure the mix is both workable and high-performing.

Kerui Case Show about Refractory Castable


If you’re looking for high quality low cement refractory castable for sale, please contact Kerui now. We offer products with excellent quality as well as great price. As an original manufacturer in China, customers can enjoy ex-factory price! Order now.

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