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Ceramic Fiber Rope

Ceramic fiber rope is a crucial component in various industrial applications. It’s an indispensable solution for various applications that require heat resistance. If you’re interested, please keep rading to know more details.

  • 650-1000℃

    Continuous Temperature

  • 380-500kg/m³

    Bulk Density

  • 15%

    Organic Content (≤)

  • Customized

    Size (Length, Diameter…)


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Kerui Ceramic Fiber Rope for Sale

Parameter of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Rope

Ceramic fiber rope is a flexible and durable material made from ceramic fibers that have been spun and braided together. It is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, which makes it ideal for applications where thermal insulation, sealing and heat resistance are required. If you’re looking for high quality products from ceramic fiber products and insulation bricks manufacturers, please contact us now.

Refractory ropes are available in different forms, including braided rope, square braided rope, ceramic fiber cord and yarn. These variations offer different levels of flexibility, strength and thermal insulation properties.

Item/GradeRound Braided RopeSquare Braided RopeTwisted RopeWoolen Rope
ReinforcementGlass FiberStainless SteelGlass FiberStainless SteelGlass FiberStainless SteelGlass Fiber
Continuous Temperature Use Limit/℃650100065010006501000650
Bulk Density (kg/m³)500500500380
Organic Content ≤/%15151515

High-quality Ceramic Fiber Rope
High-quality Ceramic Fiber Rope
KERUI Ceramic Fiber Rope for Sale
Ceramic Fiber Rope for Sale
KERUI Ceramic Fiber Tape and Belt
Ceramic Fiber Tape/Belt

Features of Ceramic Fiber Rope

Excellent Flexibility

Ceramic fiber insulation ropes exhibit good flexibility, allowing it to be easily bent, twisted, or manipulated to fit different shapes and configurations. This versatility makes it ideal for applications that require sealing or insulation around irregular surfaces or equipment. Therefore, it is often used with firebrick insulation products.

High-Temperature Resistance

One of the primary advantages of refractory rope is its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. It has a high melting point and can withstand temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C) or even higher, depending on the specific grade and composition of the rope. This makes it suitable for applications in industries such as metallurgy, petrochemical, power generation and more.

Excellent Wear Resistance

The ceramic fiber square braided rope also exhibits good resistance to wear and abrasion. Therefore, it brings durable and long-lasting performance in kilns and furnaces. It can withstand the mechanical forces and friction typically encountered in various industrial environments. Welcome to communicate with us on Facebook to find more information.

Superior Sealing Properties

With excellent sealing capabilities, it’s a high temperature rope seal solution for applications that require gas or liquid tightness. Customers often use ceramic rope seals as gaskets in high-temperature systems. Te ceramic gasket tape can prevent the leakage of gases, liquids etc.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Kerui ceramic fiber tape has low thermal conductivity, which means it can minimize heat transfer in your project. Correspondingly, this property makes it an efficient insulating material. It also helps to reduce energy loss and improve overall thermal efficiency in various applications.

Chemical Resistance

The ceramic fiber square product exhibits good resistance to most chemicals, acids and alkalis. Therefore, it ensures the stability and durability in applications with corrosive environments. Besides, customers can use this ceramic fiber product has excellent performance when exposure to chemical substances.

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How to Customize Ceramic Fiber Rope in Kerui?

Customize Main Material

Kerui provides the flexibility to choose between ceramic fiber or glass fiber as the main material for the rope. Ceramic fiber offers excellent thermal stability and low thermal conductivity, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. Glass fiber, on the other hand, provides better resistance to chemical corrosion. Based on your specific needs, you can select the appropriate material for your ceramic rope.

Customize Manufacturing Process

There is a customized service in the manufacturing process of ceramic fiber braided rope. For example, the wider type is ceramic fiber felt. You can choose between square or round braiding types. Square braiding provides a more stable structure and prevents from unraveling, while round braiding offers greater flexibility. The choice with ceramic blanket depends on the intended application and the specific requirements of your project.

Customize Size

In addition to material and manufacturing process, Kerui allows customization of the size of the ceramic fiber ropes. You can specify the diameter of the rope according to your needs. Additionally, Kerui offers the option to customize the length of each individual rope. This ensures that the ceramic fiber rope fits perfectly into your application without any wastage or shortage.

Customize Package

To provide a comprehensive customization experience, Kerui also offers customization options for ceramic rope packing. You can specify your preferred packaging style, such as rolls, coils, or spools, depending on your convenience and ease of use. Additionally, Kerui provides the option to customize the printing on the packaging, allowing you to include important information or branding on the package.

Delivery of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products

Certificates of Ceramic Fiber Rope

Kerui ceramic fiber ropes have passed ISO, CE, SGS and other international certifications. These authoritative certificates provide Kerui ceramic braided rope with the qualifications to enter the international market. Moreover, Kerui offers reasonable ceramic rope prices as well as other types of refractory material cost. Among ceramic fiber tape suppliers on the market, Kerui ceramic fiber insulation products have maintained strict quality standards. Therefore, worldwide customers have been confident in purchasing Kerui ceramic fiber products. If you are also interested, please contact us now.

Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate


Kerui ceramic fiber rope stands out from the competition. Because we insist on high-quality products that meet international standards and services that exceed expectations. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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