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Storage of Kerui Refractory Castable

How to Analysis the Chemical Composition of Refractory Castable

The main chemical compositions aggregates, powders and binders. Aggregate raw materials include silica, diabase, andesite, and waxstone. The castable is also called refractory castable. It adopts the pouring construction method and can harden without heating. Castable is a granular and powdery material made of refractory … Read More

Itlian Customers Visit Refractory Brick Factory

Successful Visit of Italian Customers to Kerui Factory

Congratulations! Italian customer visited Kerui factory in February 2024. In order to get the refractory material that meets their expectations, the Italian customers decided to come to the Kerui factory to confirm the supplier’s strength and service quality. Happily, after this visit, the Italian customer … Read More

Torpedo Ladle

Application of Andalusite Brick in Torpedo Ladle

Today, let’s explore the use of andalusite bricks in torpedo tanks. A torpedo iron tank is referred to as iron mixer or torpedo tank. It’s one of the equipment for holding and transporting iron. Due to the tough working environment, this part has higher requirements … Read More

Boiler Refractory Solution from KERUI

How to Choose Correct Refractory Solution for Boiler?

It’s important to choose the correct refractory solution for boiler. For boilers, choosing the right refractory material is very important. The refractory material of the boiler not only affects its operating life, but is also directly related to the safety and performance of the boiler. … Read More

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Blanket at the Best Price

What is Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Zirconia?

To meet the demand for high temperature and strong corrosion, there is ceramic fiber blanket with zirconia for sale. Besides, this product is also called zirconium-containing ceramic fiber blankets. It’s mainly made from a blend of high-quality alumina-silica fibers and zirconia. With the excellent material, … Read More

Blast Furnace Silica Brick

Silica Brick for Hot Blast Furnace

Silica brick for hot blast furnace can better meet the demand for high temperature as well as the service life. The working temperature of hot blast furnace is one of the most important measures to reduce energy consumption. With the advancement of blast furnace smelting … Read More

KERUI All Kinds of Magnesia Bricks for Sale

Magnesia Bricks for RH Furnace

Magnesia bricks important in iron making industry for the excellent slag resistance. Among them, rotary kilns and other high temperature equipment have a great need for this product. For RH furnace, there are mainly a few kinds of magnesia bricks for option: magnesia spinel bricks, … Read More

Choose Refractory Brick for Cement Kiln

How to Choose Refractory Brick for Cement Kiln

As the market’s requirements for cement production efficiency and quality increase, it is extremely important to select refractory bricks for cement kilns. Because this means that the operation speed of cement kilns will continue to accelerate, and the operating temperature of the kiln will also … Read More