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Kerui Refractory and The Industry.

Kerui Will Attend Iran METAFO EXHIBITION

Good news! Kerui will attend Iran metafo exhibition to explore more opportunities in metallurgy industry. Kerui attaches great importance and dedicates to showcasing the latest advancements in the field of metalworking. Introduction of Kerui in Iran METAFO EXHIBITION The Iran METAFO Exhibition serves as a … Read More

Kerui Attend MTM EXPO

Kerui is Waiting for You in MTM EXPO 2023

In the coming exhibition – MTM EXPO 2023, Kerui Refractory is waiting for you! This is a great event for refractory industry as well as metal smelting industry. If you’re interested, welcome to attend this exhibition and communicate with Kerui Refractory. How to Meet Kerui … Read More

Construction of Kerui Refractory Castable

Useful Tips for the Application of Refractory Castable

Today Kerui provides some useful tips for the construction of refractory castable. It’s well known that refractory castable has superior performance in high temperature environments. Proper construction as well as storage is crucial to make sure the performance is as you expected. Here we’ll present … Read More

Flue Wall of Anode Baking Furnace

Introduction of Kerui Invention Patent

With in-depth market investigation and professional technical team, Kerui is willing to share the exciting news about the invention patent. Kerui owns “A Special Refractory Brick and Manufacturing Method for Flue Wall of Anode Baking Furnace (ABF)”. This marks Kerui commitment to solving customers’ potential … Read More

Inspection of Kilns and Furnaces

Refractory Products in Inspection of Kilns and Furnaces

When it comes to September, it’s necessary to inspect and check the safety of high temperature kilns. Refractory products play a crucial role in the inspection, maintenance, and operation of kilns and furnaces in various industries. These refractory materials are designed to withstand high temperatures, … Read More

Kerui at METAL-EXPO’-2023

Meet Kerui in METAL-EXPO’2023!

To improve the development of metallurgical and steel-making industry, Kerui will make a presentation at METAL-EXPO’2023. This is one of the largest events in this industry. Kerui feels appreciated at this expo. Welcome to meet Kerui at METAL-EXPO’2023 for more cooperation! Basic Information about Kerui … Read More