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Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks

Lightweight clay insulation bricks play an important role in industrial furnaces and kilns. The clay insulation brick has won the favor of broad customers because of good performance and low price. As long as there is a need for insulation, lightweight clay brick is your best choice!

  • 30-48

    Al2O3% (≥)

  • 0.6-1.5

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 0.25-0.5

    Thermal Conductivity (W/m·k)

  • 2-4

    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)

  • Kerui authentication

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KERUI Clay Insulation Brick

Introduction of Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks

The Al2O3 content of clay insulation brick is about 30-46%. The higher content of Al2O3, the better refractoriness it has. With superior materials and advanced production technology, Kerui clay insulation brick has great properties. Also, this brick mainly uses clay clinker or light clinker as the main raw material. Therefore, it also has the advantage of good resistance on acid chemical corrosion. Kerui has rich manufacturing experience of clay insulating bricks for about 20 years. If you need light weight clay bricks, please get in touch with Kerui now.

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Technical Data of Kerui Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks

Bulk Density (g/cm³)μ01.
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ0654.
σ/1.0 0.5
Xmin/ 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.8
Permanent Linear Change/%Experimental Conditions1400℃*12h1350℃*12h1300℃*12h1250℃*12h1200℃*12h1150℃*12h
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient/[W/(m·K)] ≤
Average Temperature (350±25)℃
Xmin0.650.550.50 0.40 0.350.250.23

How to Choose Suitable Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks?

In the application of heat insulation, Kerui provides 3 types of lightweight clay insulation bricks with different bulk densities: 1.0 g/cm³, 0.8 g/cm³ and 0.6 g/cm³.

For lightweight clay insulation brick with bulk density at 1 g/cm³. This is the most commonly used type. Customers who are operating shaft furnace or pellet furnaces can choose this kind of brick. Kerui fireclay insulation brick has the highest refractoriness among the 3 types.

Kerui lightweight fire clay bricks for sale with bulk density at 0.8 g/cm³ are often seen in furnace walls of some calcium carbide furnaces. That is also to say, customers have lower demand for refractoriness, this brick is suitable. Besides, these clay insulation bricks can avoid loosening and dropping effectively.

While the clay insulation brick with bulk density at 0.6 g/cm³ is suitable for kilns with higher requirements on the weight of insulation brick. For example, if your kiln is high, it’s recommended to use this brick to avoid collapse and squeeze inside.

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Characteristics of Kerui Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks

Good Energy Saving Effect

In the operational context of intermittent kilns and furnaces, these bricks exhibit outstanding insulating properties. Notably lightweight, these bricks effectively reduce the overall weight of thermal equipment. Thereby, application of Kerui lightweight insulating firebrick contributes to energy savings and operational efficiency greatly.

Low Thermal Conductivity

With its impressively low thermal conductivity, Kerui clay insulation brick excels at isolating and storing heat. This capability enhances its efficiency in maintaining temperature gradients and minimizing heat loss, which is particularly advantageous for industries requiring precise thermal management.

Stable Property

Even when exposed to corrosive acidic conditions or other reducing atmospheres, the clay insulation brick remains steadfast in performance. Correspondingly, this ability is helpful to extend the service life of the high temperature brick as well as the brick. Kerui fire clay insulation brick is a reliable choice.

Wide Application

The versatility of Kerui clay insulation brick shines through in its wide array of potential uses. As long as direct flame contact is avoided, these bricks can be employed for insulation in diverse construction projects. These bricks provide effective thermal isolation. If you’re interested in more applications, please follow Kerui Pinterest.

How to Make Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks?

The output of clay insulation bricks accounts for more than half of all types of insulation bricks. It’s obvious that the clay insulation brick plays an important role in the insulation working layer. Kerui is a source supplier, we hold the core production technology. What’s more, we have raw material advantages. Yhe location of Kerui factory is Xinmi City, Henan Province. Notably, this place is surrounded by rich mineral resources for refractory materials.

Step 1
Select Raw Materials

Kerui has a strict quality control system. They inspect the chemical composition, appearance, granularity and other aspects of the raw materials. Only qualified materials can be stored in partitions. Consequently, Kerui produces insulated clay bricks with better quality. We also support sample test service.

Step 2

In order to achieve precise batching and reduce human intervention, Kerui adopts a fully automatic batching system. The design is from top to bottom, which can realize efficient batching. Along the way, Kerui supports custom additions of other additives to change the properties of the clay bricks.

Step 3

There are more than 20 sets of press machines working at the same time. As a result, Kerui clay high temperature refractory bricks have precise size and enough stock. At this stage, Kerui supports customized size and shape of lightweight clay insulation bricks. Contact Kerui now to get customized service.

Step 4

In order to avoid cracking problems in the subsequent process, the clay bricks need to be dried. The Kerui drying kiln can intelligently control the temperature, and use high temperature to evaporate the water before subsequent sintering, which helps to improve the firmness of the clay brick.

Step 5

After the clay insulation brick is sintered, its density and hardness are enhanced. There are 2 intelligent tunnel kilns with a length of 168 meters in Kerui factory. Importantly, Kerui employees can monitor the temperature at which the clay insulation bricks are fired and their precise location at all times.

Step 6
Package and Delivery

Finally, finished soft clay bricks have higher standards on package. In order to avoid damage during transportation, Kerui employees use three-layer packaging of plastic film, wooden frame and steel belt. Kerui ensures that customers can receive exquisite clay refractory bricks on time or even earlier.

Production of Kerui Clay Insulation Brick

How to Buy Cost-effective Lightweight Clay Brick?

As the cheapest of the insulation bricks, clay bricks also have good performance. If you want to buy a clay insulation brick with high economic value, the best way is to find a source supplier. Consequently, there are  two advantages. Firstly, you can reduce the cost of intermediate links. There are many traders in the market who earn the fire brick cost difference by exchanging information. Secondly, by cooperating with source suppliers, you have more room for bargaining, especially when you plan to buy in large quantities.

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Advantages of Buying Kerui Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks

With a wealth of manufacturing experience, Kerui has perfected the art of producing high-quality clay insulation bricks. This expertise extends to their extensive export experience, reaching more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. This track record not only highlights their global reach but also signifies the trust that clients place in their products.

Considerate Service

Kerui Refractory has commitment to customer satisfaction. This is exemplified by our considerate service. Therefore, Kerui international business manager provides one-to-one service for each customer throughout the purchasing process. Additionally, Kerui experienced engineers offer technical guidance, which ensures that customers receive the support. Kerui customized service can meet unique project requirements.


Clay insulation brick in Kerui has ISO, SGS and CE certificates. This is a testament to compliance with international standards. Beyond meeting industry norms, Kerui sets our own stringent standards, which often surpass customers’ expectations. This dedication to quality and adherence to established benchmarks ensure that the insulation brick not only meets expectations but often exceeds them.

QMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
OHSM Certificate

Affordable Cost

Kerui serves as a direct refractory brick supplier, offering factory prices that are highly competitive. With a significant manufacturing scale, they are able to keep costs low while maintaining superior quality. Therefore, this ensures that customers receive the best value for their investment. More importantly, this makes the brick an economical and effective solution.

Rich Experience

With a wealth of manufacturing experience, Kerui has perfected the art of producing high-quality clay insulation bricks. This expertise extends to their extensive export experience, reaching more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. This track record not only highlights their global reach but also signifies the trust that clients place in their products.

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The lightweight clay insulation brick plays an important role in different industries. If you’re looking for high-quality insulation materials for your kiln or high temperature equipment, please contact Kerui now. Get cheap and high-quality clay insulation bricks right now.

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