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Calcium Silicate Board for Sale

Calcium silicate board for sale can be used in high temperature kilns directly to block the transfer of heat. It’s a versatile and cost-effective refractory material that can meet the needs and challenges. Kerui calcium silicate board is a preferred choice.

  • 46-48

    SiO2% (≥)

  • 39-41

    CaO% (≥)

  • 230-270±10%

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 2.0

    Permanent Liner Change% (≤)


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Basic Information of Calcium Silicate Board for Sale

Calcium silicate board is mainly composed of calcium silicate, which is a compound of calcium oxide (CaO) and silicon dioxide (SiO2). It may also contain other additives, such as fibers, micro silica, alumina, magnesia, iron oxide, etc., to improve its properties and performance. These minerals are processed at high temperatures to create a material that is strong, heat-resistant, and non-corroding. The calcium silicate board is also called calcium silicate sheet, calcium silicate panel, Cal-Sil board, ceramic fiber board and so on.

Calcium silicate board is commonly used as insulation in high-temperature applications like drying oven equipment, petrochemical and power-generating equipment, storage tanks, and furnace wall structural supports. It is also used as a building material, insulation material and refractory material.

Kerui Calcium Silicate Board
Calcium Silicate Board for Sale
Calcium Silicate Board Kerui Offered

Key Parameters of Kerui Calcium Silicate Board for Sale

ItemCalcium Silicate Insulation Board
Maximum Use Temperature/℃1000
Chemical Compositionω (SiO2)/%46-48
ω (CaO)/%39-41
ω (Al2O3)/%0.39-0.42
ω (MgO)/%0.5-0.7
Bulk Density (kg/m³)230±10%250±10%270±10%
Modules of Rupture ≥/MPa0.450.50 0.55
Compressive Strength ≥/MPa0.750.850.95
Permanent Linear Change/%1000℃*16h ≤ 2.0
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ≤/[W/(m·K)]100℃0.0650.0670.072

Excellent Property of Kerui Calcium Silicate Boards

1. Low Thermal Conductivity

The low thermal conductivity means that Kerui calcium silicate board can prevent heat loss and save energy. This product can also reduce the temperature difference between the hot and cold surfaces of the kiln, which can prevent thermal stress and cracking. Correspondingly, Kerui calcium silicate board material can provide excellent thermal insulation for the kiln and furnace. Therefore, it improves the thermal efficiency and quality of the kiln products.

2. Good Heat Resistance

With high-purity raw materials, Kerui calcium silicate board has a good heat resistance. This product can withstand high temperature without melting, burning or deforming. It can also resist thermal shock, which is a sudden change in temperature that can cause damage to the refractory material. Kerui calcium silicate insulation board can operate at temperatures up to 1200°C(2192°F). Moreover, some types can even reach the temperature up to 1700°C(3092°F).

3. Anti-bacterial

After formulated, calcium silicate board from Kerui Refractory has an anti-bacterial property, which means it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on its surface. What’s more, it can prevent the formation of mold and mildew, which can cause health problems and deterioration of the refractory material. Kerui calcium silicate board can provide a clean and sanitary environment for the kiln and furnace, and protect the health and safety of the workers and customers.

4. Good Mechanical Strength

Many customers choose Kerui calcium silicate board because it exhibits strong mechanical strength. This product can withstand compression, bending, impact, vibration, and abrasion. Calcium silicate board can provide a strong and durable support for the kiln and furnace structure, and prevent deformation or damage of the refractory material. Therefore, the extend life of Kerui calcium silicate cement board is longer.

5. Durability

Kerui calcium silicate board has a high durability, which means it can maintain its shape, size, color, and performance for a long time. Meanwhile, it can also resist corrosion, oxidation, erosion, wear and tear etc. Correspondingly, Kerui calcium silicate board can provide a long-lasting and cost-effective service for the kiln and furnace operation, and reduce the maintenance and replacement frequency of the refractory material.

6. Additional Performance

Due to its unique composition, calcium silicate board has good moisture resistance. Using this product in your kiln reduces the likelihood of moisture and mold. In addition, calcium silicon boards have good sound insulation properties and can effectively improve the working environment at the marsony site. If you’re looking for high quality refractory boards for sale, welcome to contact KERUI for more details.

Kerui Excellent Calcium Silicate Board for Sale
Buy Kerui Calcium Silicate Board
KERUI Calcium Silicate Board

Advantages of Buying KERUI Calcium Silicate Board

Competitive Price

In the fierce market competition, Kerui can still maintain the ex-factory price of calcium silicate boards. Because we are a source manufacturer with mature and efficient production lines. By simplifying the supply chain, Kerui provides customers with cost-effective high-temperature kiln solutions.

Flexible Construction

A flexible construction allows that this calcium silicate board can be easily cut, shaped, drilled, nailed or glued to fit any size or shape of the kiln or furnace. Beisdes, it can also be combined with other materials, such as bricks, tiles, metal sheets, etc., to create a composite refractory system.

Environmentally Friendly

For customers health, Kerui calcium silicate board does not contain asbestos or any other harmful substances that can cause pollution or health hazards. It is a recycled material without causing any environmental damage. Thus, this product can provide a green and sustainable choice for the kiln and furnace industry.

Kerui Calcium Silicate Board Price

As a leading calcium silicate board supplier in China, Kerui offers competitive prices with high quality products. Meanwhile, Kerui integrates resources and improves intelligent production systems. So that Kerui tries to offer affordable calcium aluminate panels to customers by controlling production costs. Want to buy and know more information about Kerui calcium silicate board? YouTube channel is a good choice.

Just like the advantages we mentioned earlier, Kerui can not only save you costs in the initial purchase stage, but also bring long-term economic benefits, such as longer durability and sustainable development model.

Package of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products

Kerui Wholesale Calcium Silicate Board
Kerui Affordable Calcium Silicate Board

Common Uses of Calcium Silicate Board for Sale

  • Cement industry: rotary kiln decomposition kiln, pre-heater tertiary air duct, kiln hood, cooler and so on.
  • Metallurgical industry: heating furnace, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, high temperature flue, hot air duct or other positions.
  • Petrochemical industry: heating furnace, ethylene cracking furnace, hydrogenation furnace, aromatics furnace, catalytic cracking furnace, etc.
  • Electric power industry: preheating furnace pipes, boilers, chimneys, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Glass industry: furnace ceiling, side wall, lining, furnace bottom, furnace wall, heater and other parts.
  • Ceramic industry: electrolyzer, insulation lining, insulation door or kiln import and export and other parts.

Apart from the above mentioned industries and different parts of the kiln, Kerui calcium silicate board also plays an important role in many other industries. If you are not sure which calcium silicate board you need to use for your kiln, please contact Kerui today. We will provide more professional guidance and service.

Applications of Kerui Products

Why Choose Kerui Calcium Silicate Board?

1. 20 Years’ Experience

With 20 years of experience and development, Kerui owns advanced production technology and a professional team. Moreover, engineers as well as international business managers have solved difficulties for various cases. Because Kerui can supply high-quality products and considerate service. It received much good feedback from customers and established stable cooperation relationships with them.

2. International Certifications

Customers can rest assured to buy Kerui calcium silicate boards, because these products have ISO and SGS certificates. Moreover, Kerui has won hornors from industry as well as local government. Besides, the calcium silicate board for sale meets the international standards and requirements for quality, safety and performance. Therefore, Kerui is able to guarantee you a reliable and stable service for your kiln and furnace operation.

3. Professional Guide

Don’t worry about options and installation of calcium silicate board. Kerui has an experienced technical team that can provide you with a comprehensive guide for your kiln and furnace project. Importantly, there are more than 20 engineers from Kerui Refractory. Therefore, we’re able to help you choose the best type of calcium silicate board and solve any technical issues.

4. Dedicate Service

Importantly, Kerui takes dedicate, friendly and on-time as our features. Therefore, customers can enjoy fast and efficient service for your kiln and furnace project. Kerui can respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. Besides, it offers you a reasonable price. Meanwhile, Kerui delivers the products to you on time and provides you with after-sales support and warranty.

5. Flexible Design

To satisfy various requirements, Kerui can produce calcium silicate boards in various sizes, shapes, and patterns according to your specifications. Kerui can also combine calcium silicate board with other materials, such as bricks, tiles, metal sheets, etc. As a result, this can help to create a unique and attractive refractory system. Meanwhile, Kerui offers industry knowledge every week to help you expand your business scope.

6. Stable Supply

Strong production ability and large demand results in a stable supply of Kerui calcium silicate board. Meanwhile, Kerui has established stable cooperation relationships with many customers, including the world top 500 enterprises and some famous enterprises. Even if you need a large quantity of calcium silicate boards, Kerui can product and ship them on time.

Kerui Case Show about Ceramic Fiber

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In the End

In conclusion, Kerui offers calcium silicate boards for sale as well as dedicated services. If you need insulation materials for your kiln, this product should be your preferred choice for its excellent performance. Contact Kerui today to get more details about calcium silicate board for sale.

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