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Calcium Silicate Insulation Board

Kerui calcium silicate insulation board is a new type of environmentally friendly material. Not only has the functions of traditional gypsum board, but the board also has good performance with superior fire resistance, moisture resistance, and long service life.

  • 39-55

    Al2O3% (≥)

  • 260-320

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 1100-1430

    Classification Temperature (℃)

  • -3–4

    Permanent Liner Change (%)

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Kerui Calcium Silicate Insulation Board for Sale

Do You Know Calcium Silicate Insulation Board?

Calcium Silicate

Calcium silicate (CaSiO3), an inorganic substance, is mostly needle-like crystals. This non-toxic substance is soluble in strong acids, but insoluble in water, alcohol, and alkali. It is made by mixing silicic acid, quicklime and water in a certain proportion. Then the mixture undergoes hydrothermal reaction to generate calcium silicate microcrystalline slurry. Finally, calcium silicate is obtained through steps such as filtration, washing, and drying. In addition, Calcium silicate has a very high melting point, which reaches 1540℃ (2804℉), so it has good fire resistance.

Calcium Silicate Insulation Board

Another name of Kerui calcium silicate board is asbestos-free calcium silicate board. The main compositions of calcium silicate board are calcium silicate water composite (Ca2SiO4·nH2O) and fiber-reinforced materials. Its thickness is usually above 30 mm. Its density is 200-1000kg/m³. In the production process, it needs uniformly mix with the filling material and then added with modifiers.

Calcium silicate board for thermal insulation is also microporous calcium silicate, which is a white, hard new thermal insulation material. This kind of insulation material is very popular in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, and other departments.

Kerui Calcium Silicate Insulation Board
Calcium Silicate Board from Kerui
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Parameters of Kerui Calcium Silicate Board for Sale

ItemCalcium Silicate Insulation Board
Maximum Use Temperature/℃1000
Chemical Compositionω (SiO2)/%46-48
ω (CaO)/%39-41
ω (Al2O3)/%0.39-0.42
ω (MgO)/%0.5-0.7
Bulk Density (kg/m³)230±10%250±10%270±10%
Modules of Rupture ≥/MPa0.450.50 0.55
Compressive Strength ≥/MPa0.750.850.95
Permanent Linear Change/%1000℃*16h ≤ 2.0
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ≤/[W/(m·K)]100℃0.0650.0670.072

The Unique Advantages of Calcium Silicate Insulation Board

Fire Resistance

Silicate, the main component of calcium silicate insulation board, has a high melting point. Its melting point can reach about 1700℃ (3092℉), so it can maintain stable physical and chemical properties at high temperatures. Meanwhile, the fireproof calcium silicate board is a non-combustible grade A material. Even if it encounters a fire, it will not burn nor produce toxic smoke.

Water Resistance

The pore structure of the calcium silicate fire board is mostly closed pores. The pore gap is small, and the connectivity between them is poor. This structure limits the penetration and diffusion of moisture to provide a good waterproof barrier. So that this ceramic fibre insulation board becomes a moisture resistant calcium silicate board. At the same time, its performance remains unchanged after being dried in wet water.

Easy To Install And Process

Calcium silicate insulation board is a lightweight insulation material, usually with a density between 100-200kg/m³. At the same time, the insulation board has good flexibility. It can be cut and folded according to the shape and curve of the building surface. It is not only convenient for installation but also reduces the consumption of labor costs.

Pollution Free

Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber. This substance is widely used as a refractory material because of its excellent fire resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and other characteristics. Cotton fibers are extremely carcinogenic Long-term exposure to asbestos can cause severe respiratory diseases. The use of asbestos-free silicic acid insulation board can help to protect the health of producers and users.

Calcium Silicate Insulation Board in Kerui Factory
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Specific Applications of Calcium Silicate Insulation Board

  • Ceramic Industry: tunnel kilns and car cores and car plates for tunnel kilns;
  • Metallurgical Industry: heating furnace, soaking furnace, annealing furnace, hot air pipeline;
  • Petrochemical Industry: cracking furnace, heavy oil heating furnace, storage tank, hydrogenation furnace, catalytic cracking furnace;
  • Cement Industry: rotary kiln, decomposition kiln, preheater, kiln hood, cooler;
  • Building Industry: suspended ceilings, walls of non-load-bearing walls;
  • Glass industry: bottom and walls of melting furnaces;
  • Electric power industry: preheating furnace pipes, boilers, thermal power plants.

Application of Calcium Silicate Board
Use Kerui Calcium Silicate Board in High Temp Furnace

Differences Between Calcium Silicate Insulation Board And Calcium Silicon Plate

The difference between calcium silicate insulation board and calcium silicon plate is sometimes overlooked due to their similar names. Buyers need to pay attention when purchasing, although calcium silicate fire board and calcium silicon plate have similar applications, they are not the same material. The following will simply describe the differences between them.

Firstly, calcium silicon plate, also known as gypsum composite board, is a multi-component material. It is generally made of natural gypsum powder, white refractory cement, glue, and glass fiber. When the indoor air is humid, it can attract water molecules into the air. When the air is dry, it can release water molecules, which can properly adjust the indoor dry humidity to increase comfort. Main composition of calcium silicate board are quartz, mica, and wood fiber.

Secondly, calcium silicate board has good fireproof and waterproof properties, lightweight and high strength, good durability, heat insulation, etc. Calcium silicon plate also has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, heat insulation, sound absorption, and simple construction. However, the fireproof and waterproof performance of calcium silicon plates is weak. So calcium silicate board will replace them gradually.

Good Price of Calcium Silicate Insulation Board from Kerui

It is no doubt that the price of calcium silicate insulation board is a critical consideration for buyers. China, an important place to choose refractory manufacturers, has plenty of high-quality products. Compared to the suppliers in other places, Kerui customers can get calcium silicate insulation board with higher quality and lower price.

Kerui locates in Xinmi City, Henan Province, which is famous for “China’s Refractory Capital”. Therefore, it has rich raw materials for the production of refractory products. Kerui can supply factory direct sales prices of ceramic products, like ceramic fiber blankets, modules, ropes, tubes and so on. Fire rated calcium silicate board from Kerui is the most cost-effective choice for you.

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Kerui – Leading Calcium Silicate Board Supplier in China

20 Years of Well-known Brand

With about 20 year’s ecperience, Kerui Refractory has 20-year experience in refractory materials production, including 16 years of research and development experience. 16 years of research and development experience. Because the location of Kerui factory is Xinmi City, Henan Province, where China’s refractory industries gather, it has sufficient raw material resources.

On the one hand, Kerui has a high-level research and development team. Kerui built an advanced research and development center to promote the upgrading of production technology and the development of new products. The center strategically cooperated with Luoyang Refractory Research Institute, Zhengzhou University, Northeastern University and other scientific research institutions. Meanwhile, it is a comprehensive firebrick supplier integrating refractory research and development, production, sales, technical solutions, and project EPC general contracting services.

On the other hand, due to its strong capital and professional team, Kerui reaches long-term cooperation with many large enterprises such as Rusal, Shenhuo Group, Wanda Group, Nanshan Aluminum, Oceanpower Group, etc. Meanwhile, Kerui exports to more than 30 countries on five continents such as Russia, India, Canada, United States, Australia, etc. Kerui one-stop shop service guarantees the buyers’ rights and promotes the smooth progress of long-term cooperation.

Leading Intelligent Manufacturer in China

Kerui established an intelligent and digital production factory. Advanced equipment and automatic systems have wide application in the whole process of production. The iconic automated batching system will ensure the precise ratio of raw materials by microcomputer. In addition, Two 168-meter high-temperature natural gas tunnel kilns can increase productivity. With the help of intelligent systems, the annual output of the factory reaches 150,000 tons, including 100,000 tons of shaped refractory products and 50,000 tons of unshaped refractory materials.

Leading Calcium Silicate Board Supplier
Leading Calcium Silicate Board Supplier
Kerui Automatic Production Line
Automatic Production Line

If you want to know more about calcium silicate insulation boards, please connect with us at any time. The professional Kerui team will formulate the most suitable plan according to your needs. Kerui will be your best choice.

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