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Kiln Furniture for Sale

Kiln furniture for sale plays a role in spacing, supporting, cushioning and protecting the blank during the roasting process. It can contact fire directly. The highest working temperature is about 2000℃(3632℉). This product has wide applications in various industries. If you’re interested, welcome to contact us.

KERUI Kiln Furniture for Sale

Types of Refractory Kiln Furniture

Kiln furniture is widely used in the production of daily ceramics, architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics and advanced ceramic materials. In addition, lithium battery cathode materials also require a large amount of high-performance kiln furniture in the production process. According to different materials, we can divide kiln furniture into high alumina ceramic kiln furniture, silicon carbide kiln furniture, cordierite mullite kiln furniture, etc.

Depending on the usage conditions, each material can be customized into a specific shape, such as kiln furniture stilts, kiln furniture plate setters, silicon carbide plates, silicon carbide tubes, cordierite mullite plates, etc. Next we will list several common kiln furniture products. Of course, we are happy to customize suitable and high performance refractories for you.

01 – Silicon Carbide Kiln Furniture
High strength
Good chemical corrosion
Good thermal shock resistance
Good thermal conductivity
Silicon Carbide Beam Kiln Furniture for Sale

Silicon Carbide Beam
Silicon Carbide Plate Kiln Furniture for Sale

Silicon Carbide Plate
Silcion Carbide Support Kiln Furniture for Sale

Silcion Carbide Support

Silicon Carbide Roller


Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Silicon Carbide Radiant Tube
Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide Cantilever Kiln Furniture for Sale

Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide Cantilever
Silicon Carbide Vortex Hollow Cone

Silicon Carbide Vortex Hollow Cone

02 – Cordierite-mullite Kiln Furniture
Good creep resistance
Good thermal shock resistance
Light weight

Cordierit Mullite Plate

Cordierit Mullite Grooved Batts

Cordierit Mullite Post

Cordierit Mullite Sagger

Main Uses of Kiln Furnitures for Sale

Whenever ceramic manufacturing is involved, refractory block as well as kiln furniture is required. The kiln furniture definition is an implement to isolate, support and protect the ceramic body. Therefore, refractory kiln furniture must have the properties of energy saving, good heat storage, high temperature resistance, and a certain load-bearing capacity. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right product for different working conditions. The following are some of the industries that cannot do without kiln furniture:

Daily Ceramics

Kiln furniture kits plays a key role in the production of ceramic products used in everyday life. For example, everyday items such as ceramic bowls, plates, cups, etc. need to go through the high temperature firing process in kiln furniture for tiles to ensure their sturdiness and durability.

Architectural Ceramics

Architectural ceramics have application in interior and exterior decorations, wall tiles, floor tiles etc. These ceramic products will face high temperatures in kilns to make them resistant to wear and tear, durable and aesthetically pleasing. You can also follow Kerui Pinterest to catch more cases.

Sanitary Ceramics

Sanitary ceramics include wash basins, toilets, bathtubs etc. Kiln furnitures provide a high-temperature environment during the manufacturing process of sanitary ceramics, which makes them molded, strong and durable.

Advanced Ceramic Materials

Advanced ceramic materials are widely used in high-tech fields, such as electronic devices, optical components and ceramic cutting tools. Kiln shelves and lightweight firebricks are used to sinter and process these advanced ceramic materials to obtain the desired physical and chemical properties.

Contact Kiln Furnitures Manufacturers Directly

We know that kiln furniture for sale involve a variety of different shapes, which is why we recommend that you contact reliable kiln furniture manufacturers directly. He needs to be highly productive and customizable. As an excellent refractory manufacturer, Kerui can design and produce refractory kilns efficiently. We have the relevant technical certificates and engineers to guide you in product selection and construction.

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