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Ceramic Fiber Insulation Module

The Insulation Principle of Ceramic Fiber Modules

Understanding the insulation principle of ceramic fiber modules is helpful for the high temperature applications. Now these high quality cwramic fiber insulation modules are crucial for optimizing the performance of various kilns and furnaces. Today we will explore the insulation principle of ceramic fiber modules, … Read More

Kerui Useful Fire Clay Mortar

Where to Buy Refractory Cement

As an important raw material for kiln masonry and refractory production, many customers want to know where to buy refractory cement. Usually, the purchasing methods are nothing more than online and offline. Here are some reliable ways to buy high quality refractory cement. Buy Refractory … Read More

Useful Sillimanite Refractory Bricks in Glass Kiln

How Long Do Fire Bricks Last

Welcome to Kerui official website to discuss about how long do fire bricks last. This is a crucial question for customers to choose suitable kinds of fire bricks. Here we mainly explore fire bricks in large industrial kilns and furnaces. Lifespan of Each Kind of … Read More

Insulating Bricks for High Temp Kilns and Furnaces

Insulating Bricks for High Temp Kilns and Furnaces

As an important product in high temperature kilns and furnaces, the insulating bricks are considered crucial. This product also calls lightweight insulation brick, soft insulation brick, insulating fire brick and so on. Unlike refractory bricks, the thermal conductivity of insulation brick is very low. Therefore, … Read More

Successful End - Kerui Refractory on MTM EXPO

Successful End – Kerui Refractory on MTM EXPO

From 29th November to 1st December, Kerui Refractory gains a successful end on MTM EXPO! As the most important steel and metallurgical industry event in China, this is a rare opportunity for Kerui to showcase its high-quality products and technical strength to the world. I … Read More

Kerui Will Attend Iran METAFO EXHIBITION

Good news! Kerui will attend Iran metafo exhibition to explore more opportunities in metallurgy industry. Kerui attaches great importance and dedicates to showcasing the latest advancements in the field of metalworking. Introduction of Kerui in Iran METAFO EXHIBITION The Iran METAFO Exhibition serves as a … Read More

Kerui Attend MTM EXPO

Kerui is Waiting for You in MTM EXPO 2023

In the coming exhibition – MTM EXPO 2023, Kerui Refractory is waiting for you! This is a great event for refractory industry as well as metal smelting industry. If you’re interested, welcome to attend this exhibition and communicate with Kerui Refractory. How to Meet Kerui … Read More

Refractory Material with Excellent Macro Structure

Important Performance When Selecting Refractory Products

The important performances are crucial for the selection of refractory products. This can help you choose a suitable kind of refractory material for your kilns and furnaces. Now Kerui offers a complete guide on the important performances of all kinds of high temperature products. Read … Read More