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Application of JM30 Mullite Insulation Bricks in Tunnel Kiln

In maintaining the thermal performance of the tunnel kiln, JM30 mullite insulation bricks have outstanding performance. First of all, tunnel kilns are widely used and require strict working environment. JM30 mullite insulation bricks are one of the few insulation bricks that can be directly exposed to flames. In tunnel kilns, JM30 insulation bricks improve the performance greatly. Follows is a detailed introduction to this application.

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Main Application of JM30 Insulation Bricks in Tunnel Kilns

JM30 insulation brick is an insulation material made of mullite as the main raw material and sintered at high temperature. This product belongs to a high grade. There are similiar types like JM23/26/32 and so on. They have the characteristics of low density, low thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. As we mentioned earlier, JM30 mullite insulation bricks are high-grade insulation materials, so they can be used in many harsh working environments. For example, in tunnel kilns, customers tend to apply mullite insulation bricks to the following parts:

Insulation Layer for the Roof and Wall of Kiln

In the furnace roof and furnace wall parts of the tunnel kiln, uneven heating and heat loss may occur. At this time, customers can choose mullite insulation bricks to build the insulation layer of the furnace roof and furnace walls to reduce heat loss. This can effectively reduce kiln operating costs.

Insulation Layer foe the Lining of Tunnel Kiln

In order to maintain high-temperature combustion conditions inside the tunnel kiln, on the one hand, the insulation layer is required to withstand higher temperatures, and on the other hand, it is required to have excellent heat storage performance. JM 30 mullite insulation fire brick can serve as an effective insulation layer, ensuring minimal heat dissipation.

Insulation Layer for Other High Temp Areas

Tunnel kilns often feature additional high-temperature areas, such as drying and preheating zones. JM 30 bricks can provide reliable insulation in these critical areas, contributing to overall thermal efficiency.

KERUI JM30 Mullite Insulation Brick in Tunnel Kiln
KERUI JM30 Mullite Insulation Brick in Tunnel Kiln


By leveraging the unique properties of JM 30 insulation bricks, tunnel kiln operators can unlock new levels of thermal efficiency, which reduces energy consumption and associated costs. These bricks offer a reliable solution for insulating critical areas within the kiln. By strategically implementing JM 30 lightweight insulating fire bricks and considering the specific process conditions and design requirements, tunnel kiln operators can optimize their operations, ensuring maximum productivity and energy savings.

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