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Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Kerui newly developed magnesia iron spinel brick is a new generation of chromium-free alkaline brick. This product not only shows excellent performance in high-temperature kilns, but also avoids the possible harm caused by chromium.

  • 85

    MgO% (≥)

  • 7-18

    Fe2O3% (≥)

  • 2.90-2.95

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 50-55

    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)

  • Kerui authentication

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KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Basic Information of Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Composite with market feedback, Kerui spinel bricks are distinguished by the excellent raw materials and advanced production technology. Kerui uses high-purity magnesia and fused iron spinel as its main raw materials. In terms of production technology, Kerui uses fully automatic batching systems, high-tonnage presses, tunnel kilns with uniform temperatures, etc. to control quality. Currently, our high-quality magnesia iron spinel refractory firebricks have been widely used in many global projects.

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KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Refractory Brick
Details of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Technical Specification of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

ω (MgO) ≥/%8585
ω (Al2O3)/%3-53-5
ω (Fe2O3)/%4-64-6
Bulk Density ≥ (g/cm³)2.952.90
Cold Crushing Strength ≥ (MPa)5550
Refractoriness Underload ≥ (T0.6℃)16501600
Thermal Shock Resistance ≥ (950℃ Air Quenching, Cycle)10090
Thermal Conductivity ≤ (1000℃) [W/(m·K)]2.62.6
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (1400℃)/%1.61.6

Production and Delivery Cycle of Kerui Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Production Cycle

  • Standard brick(size, composition…): 3-5 working days;
  • Customized Brick: more than 7 working days;

Delivery Cycle

  • Standard brick: we’ll finish the delivery on the same day if there is stock;
  • Customized brick: the delivery work will be completed in 7 working days.

Production of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick
Production of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick
Delivery of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick
Delivery of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

Advantages of Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

High Refractoriness
High Strength
Good Wear Resistant
Kiln Stick Performance
Thermal Shock Resistance
Low Thermal Conductivity

Loner Service Life

During the high temperature application, the thermal expansion of spinel and periclase materials is inconsistent. Therefore, the gaps between this kind of magnesite brick can buffer the stress impact caused by temperature changes. This is helpful to avoid the crack of lining bricks.

Better Kiln Stick Performance

The high-temperature kiln material reacts with the magnesia iron spinel bricks. Moreover, the permeate solidifies on the surface of the bricks and continues to thicken. This is kiln stick performance which is highly important in cement rotary kiln. This requires magnesia bricks to have high purity chemical composition and uniform pores.

Better Energy-saving Effect

Long-term and high-temperature environment in the kiln may cause cylinder deformation and affect operating results. The thermal conductivity of The magnesia iron spinel brick helps to lower the surface temperature of the kiln and reduce heat loss. Accordingly, customers who purchase this brick can reduce fuel consumption and improve overall work efficiency.

No pollution

Kerui magnesia iron spinel bricks are often used as an alternative to chrome refractory bricks. Since chromium-containing bricks may produce hexavalent chromium in the cement kiln, causing pollution. However, the application of magnesia iron spinel bricks solves this problem well. Customers who purchase magnesia composite bricks can not only improve the working efficiency of the kiln, but also avoid pollution.

Uses of KERUI Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick

The magnesia iron spinel brick is suitable for the application of all kinds of high temperature kilns. Besides, this brick is an excellent alternative for magnesia chrome brick. Especially in firing zone and upper transition zone of cement rotary kiln.

It’s especially suitable for key parts of SP and NSP kilns with high kiln temperature, fast rotation speed, strong alkali corrosion ability and heavy mechanical load. It can effectively extend the service life of the furnace lining and keep the kiln tube low temperature.

Refractory Brick Cases

Experienced Magnesia Iron Spinel Brick Manufacturer in China

Project Experience

Over the past few decades of development, Kerui has accumulated rich project experience. No matter what kind of kiln you plan to use the magnesia iron spinel bricks in, Kerui is confident that we can provide you with a solution that best meets your requirements. In addition to this, our valuable experience is available to our customers where you can get complete solutions. No matter what kind of refractory insulation bricks, unshaped refractory materials, insulation materials or other refractory materials you need, Kerui will issue a suitable plan after discussion. What’s more, Kerui has become the preferred supplier for well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

Production Experience

As a powerful refractory brick manufacturer, Kerui has rich production experience. Not only were we able to purchase high-quality raw materials at the right price, we also upgraded our production equipment. Fully automated batching systems, high-tonnage presses, natural gas tunnel kilns, etc. have greatly improved the production efficiency of magnesium iron spinel bricks. More importantly, there is a strict quality inspection system here. We sum up our successful experience and continue to produce magnesia iron spinel refractory bricks that meet the highest standards in the industry.

Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate

R&D Experience

We attach great importance on innovation. Here are more than 20 engineers and technicians who are dedicated to upgrade the property. As a newly designed composite brick, the magnesia iron spinel refractory brick is an excellent output. Besides, the whole team about Kerui will explore new refractory materials and continue optimization. Compared with traditional refractory bricks, Kerui continues to develop new refractory bricks that meet market demand to reduce customer costs and achieve environmental benefits.

Tips: Maintenance of Magnesia Iron Spinel Bricks

  • Control the kiln temperature within a reasonable and stable range to avoid sudden changes in temperature in the kiln, which may cause the kiln skin to become too thick and fall off;
  • Control the shape and position of the flame so as not to damage the kiln skin;
  • Stabilize the fuel source and pay attention to the uniformity of the fuel. Stabilize the ratio, fineness, moisture, etc. of the raw material ingredients entering the kiln;
  • When stopping the kiln, pay attention to the temperature drop rate to avoid cracking caused by sudden cooling;
  • An inspection must be carried out after each kiln shutdown. If any damaged magnesia iron spinel bricks are found, they must be repaired and replaced in time to avoid affecting the use of other parts;
  • If you encounter a need to replace magnesia-iron spinel bricks in local areas, try to use bricks from the same manufacturer and batch.


It’s wise to choose high quality magnesia iron spinel brick from Kerui Refractory. Customers can enjoy excellent quality as well as considerate service. If you’d like to catch the latest information of Kerui Refractory, welcome to subscribe to our social media platforms.

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