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Refractory Fire Clay Mortar

The refractory fire clay mortar takes high quality and hard fire clay as the main raw material. Customers often use it as the joints among different refractory materials, which is a weak link. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose excellent fireclay mortar for sale.

  • 30-45

    Al2O3% (≥)

  • 1620-1720

    Refractoriness (℃)

  • -5~1

    Permanent Linear Change (%)

  • 1-3

    Bonding Time (min)

  • Kerui authentication

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KERUI Fireclay Mortar for Sale

Understand the Refractory Fire Clay Mortar

Clay clinker is an important component of clay refractory mortar, which accounts for about 75% to 80%. Raw clay is a binding agent. It is added to increase the plasticity of clay fire clay and reduce air permeability and water loss rate. The added amount is about 20%-25%.

As a joint material, Kerui clay refractory motar can adjust the dimensional deviation of the refractory bricks. This maintains gas regulation and load balance inside the kiln. Masonry can also form a tight whole to resist damage from external forces and the intrusion of chemical gases and molten liquids.

Kerui Refractory Fireclay Mortar
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Kerui Excellent Refractory Fireclay Mortar

Technical Index of Refractory Fire Clay Mortar

ω (Al2O3) ≥/%3038424545
Refractoriness ≥/℃16201680170017201720
Flexural Bonding Strength110℃ After Drying1.
1200℃x3h After Sintering3.
0.2 MPa Refractoriness Under Load T2.0/℃////1200
Permanent Linear Change/% (T/℃*12h)1200℃x3h After Sintering-5~1
Bonding Time/min1~3

Properties of Kerui Refractory Fire Clay Mortar

Good Plasticity

Due to the precise proportions, Kerui refractory clay mortar has good plasticity to facilitate application in different parts of different kilns. Besides, this property is particularly beneficial in applications where the mortar needs to fill gaps or be used in intricate designs.

Superior Sealing Performance

The fire clay mortar excels in sealing performance. It offers a superior level of sealing that ensures tight bonds between refractory materials. This not only enhances the overall structural integrity but also contributes to the efficiency of the refractory system.

High Refractoriness

After many times of experiments, Kerui fire clay mortar is ideal for applications where extreme temperatures are encountered. Whether it’s the lining of furnaces or other high-temperature industrial processes, Kerui mortar as monolithic refractory linings ensures stability and durability under intense heat conditions.

Good Chemical Resistance

Good chemical resistance of Kerui fire clay mortar is helpful to keep the longevity and performance. Especially when customers use this product in environments where exposure to corrosive agents is prevalent. Moreover, this property adds a layer of reliability to the mortar, which makes it a preferred choice for a wide range of industries.

Kerui Chamotte Mortar for Sale
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Importance of Choosing High-quality Fire Clay Mortar

Keep the Stability of Your Kiln

A kiln’s stability is paramount to its functionality and longevity. The fire clay refractory mortar used in its construction serves as the binding agent for the refractory bricks, creating a cohesive and resilient structure. High-quality fire clay mortar ensures a robust bond between the bricks, which prevents gaps or weak points that could compromise the kiln’s structural integrity.

Improve the Efficiency of Kiln

Efficiency in kiln operations is closely tied to the ability to contain and control heat. The use of high-quality fire clay mortar plays a pivotal role in creating tight seals between refractory bricks. These seals minimize heat loss, which ensures that the kiln operates at optimal temperatures. The result is improved energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption and enhanced overall performance.

Important Fire Clay Mortar
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Kerui Useful Fire Clay Mortar

Applications of Kerui Refractory Fire Clay Mortar

The clay refractory mortar is mostly used in joints and repairs of blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, coke ovens, heat exchangers, boilers and other high-temperature equipment in different industries. In addition, customers can also use this product as a part for smelting rare metals in the metallurgical industry.

Kerui Case Show about Refractory Castable

Reasons to Choose Kerui as Your Manufacturer

Strong Production Ability

It is worth mentioning that Kerui sells more than 50,000 tons of unshaped refractory materials every year, including a large amount of refractory clay mortar. This also shows that Kerui production capabilities are trustworthy. Even if customers need a large amount of refractory mortar, we have the ability to supply it in time.

International Certificates

The most direct proof of quality is the international quality certificates. Kerui clay mortar has passed ISO, CE and SGS quality certification. In addition, the invention patent certificate and utility model patent certificate are proof of Kerui R&D strength. Kerui has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance refractory materials.

Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate

Strict Quality Control

In order to provide higher quality products, Kerui has a strict quality control system. From the control of raw materials, inspection of production processes and inspection of finished products, Kerui has a set of strict quality management standards. Upon customer request, Kerui also provides traceability of the entire production process. The main reason why many customers around the world use Kerui as a supplier is excellent quality.

Professional Service

In fact, the advantage of Kerui Refractory Company among many peers is its professional services. In past practice, customers have given Kerui services high praise during consultation, purchase and subsequent use. There are more than a dozen engineers with rich experience and professional knowledge waiting to serve you.

Kerui Engineer Service

Choosing Conditions of Kerui Clay Mortar

  1. Masonry joints are generally the weak link of the gas, and in most cases are damaged before the gas, so their quality has a close relationship with the overall life of the gas;
  2. The refractory degree and chemical composition of clay refractory mortar are similar to other refractory materials in masonry;
  3. The particles of clay refractory mortar are compatible with the brick joints, and the large particles do not exceed one-third to one-half of the brick joints;
  4. The expansion and contraction rates are suitable for the refractory bricks to be laid;
  5. Check mechanical strength and good air tightness before masonry.


For excellent refractory fire clay mortar, you’d better choose from a reliable and reputable manufacturer. If you need high quality products as well as worry-free service, just contact KERUI now. Get more information on Kerui social media.

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