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Checker Brick

Kerui checker brick with 7/19/37 holes is a kind of useful and popular special-shaped refractory bricks. The chequer brick with special structure brings better stability and many other high temperature properties.

  • 48-65

    Al2O3% (≥)

  • 1740-1780

    Refractoriness (℃)

  • 40-50

    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)

  • 22-23

    Apparent Porosity (%)


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Specification of Kerui Checker Bricks for Sale

As we know, checkered bricks refer to the shape of this refractory product. As for the specific dimensions and composition, Kerui supports customization. Here we take ordinary checker alumina bricks as an example to provide parameters. Except for alumina refractory bricks, you can also require other kinds of brick.

ω (Al2O3)/%655548
Refractoriness/ ≥ ℃178017601740
Apparent Porosity/%232222
Cold Crushing Strength/MPa504540
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load/℃150014701420
Permanent Linear Change/%1500℃*2h

Tips: the paramter is according to the standard of refractory industry in China. If you have additional requirements, please tell us to get a customized solution.

Common Types of Kerui Checker Brick

High Alumina Checker Brick

In the working environment of higher than 900℃(1652℉), you’d better choose checker bricks with more advanced material. For example, high alumina, mullite, silica, sillimanite checker brick and so on. The sillimanite brick has higher content of Al2O3 and brings higher refractoriness. High alumina checker bricks have excellent high temperature stability and fire resistance. Due to its high aluminum content, it is able to withstand extremely high temperatures and thermal shock, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of high-temperature industrial environments.

Fire Clay Checker Brick

If the temperature of the area where checker bricks are used is lower than 900℃(1652℉), you can choose this product made of fire clay. The fire clay brick in checkered shape has more affordable price. Kerui is specialized in customized-shaped bricks. Fire clay checker bricks have low thermal conductivity. This makes clay checker bricks more suitable as insulation in some applications. Plus, it forms complex shapes and structures more easily. It is more flexible in some special applications

High Alumina Checker Brick
High Alumina Checker Brick
Fire Clay Checker Brick
Fire Clay Checker Brick

Useful Checker Bricks in High Temperature Furnaces

Buy Kerui Checker Brick for Blast Furnace

Checker Brick in Blast Furnace

Arranging checker bricks in blast furnace in an orderly manner is a good idea. Because it can effectively reduce the consumption of refractory materials. Besides, the structure with many holes can improve the heat efficiency. If you need high quality checker bricks blast furnace, please don’t hesitate to contact Kerui.

KERUI Checker Bricks for Hot Blast Stove

Checker Brick in Hot Blast Stove

The checker brick for hot blast stove is used to transfer the high temperature flue and gas. Moreover, the checker bricks with 7 hole are popular in hot blast stove. Because these holes are few and large, these excellent fire bricks can help the hot air stove achieve even heat distribution and save more energy.

Kerui Checker Refractory Bricks for Coke Oven

Checker Brick in Coke Oven

In the application of coke oven, customers should take the acid corrosion into consideration. It also means that you can choose silica checkered brick to realize the improvement of heat efficiency as well as acid chemical corrosionat the same time. Kerui uses high quality silica in brick to improve the overall property.

Application of KERUI Refractory Products

Reliable Checker Brick Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Professional Special-shaped Brick Technology

As a professional checker brick manufacturer, Kerui has a professional special-shaped product forming process. The factory quotes high-tonnage presses to achieve the precise dimensions of each brick. In addition to this, we have extensive experience in manufacturing special-shaped bricks, especially checkered bricks. We support customization according to drawings. In addition to checkered bricks, we are also producing universal arc bricks, anchor bricks, flowing steel bricks, etc.

Efficient Delivery Service

If the fire bricks for sale are in stock, Kerui supports immediate delivery. If you need to customize the size or composition of the refractory brick to enhance certain properties, delivery will be completed within 10-15 working days. During the delivery period, Kerui business managers will keep in close contact with customers so that you can keep abreast of the latest logistics trends. Kerui cooperates with internationally renowned logistics companies to ensure efficient and safe delivery.

Production of KERUI Checker Brick
Storage anf Delivery of KERUI Checker Brick

Shipment of KERUI Refractory Brick
Strong R&D Ability

Kerui attaches great importance to research and development capabilities. Regardless of the shape, size or composition of refractory bricks, Kerui has always insisted on developing high-performance refractory bricks that can save costs for customers. Currently, we have obtained a patent for special refractory bricks for fire tunnel walls. In addition, our products and technologies have passed ISO, CE, SGS certification. These ensure the quality of Kerui refractory materials.

Experienced Guidance

No matter what kind of kiln you plan to apply checker bricks to, Kerui experienced engineers can provide professional guidance. From the laying of checkered bricks to subsequent maintenance work, customers do not need to worry. Our engineers have extensive experience and expertise in high temperature applications across the globe. If you still don’t know how to choose refractory brick checker, please contact Kerui Refractory.

Case about KERUI Refractory Brick


We sincerely recommend Kerui checker brick for sale. Because we can control the quality and price from the source. If you’re planning to import checker bricks from China, Kerui will be your best choice. Welcome to follow Kerui Twitter account to catch the latest information.

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