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Kerui Upgraded to Automatic Refractory Brick Production System

Kerui has always insisted on innovation and has currently introduced a fully automated refractory brick production line. Currently, this efficient production line is used to make magnesia carbon bricks. I believe that after testing for a period of time, the overall refractory brick production efficiency will be greatly improved. Therefore, customers can receive ordered refractory bricks in a shorter time.

Introduction of Kerui Full Automatic Refractory Brick Production System

Feeding Machine

The automatic feeding machine ensures a continuous supply of raw materials, which eliminates the need for manual feeding and enabling uninterrupted production. More importantly, this improves efficiency. It also saves time and labor costs.

Wet Vibrating Screen

The wet vibrating screen is used to sieve and remove impurities from the raw materials. By automating this process, there is an assurance on the uniform and purity of raw materials. The vibrating system can bring excellent mixing effect of refractory material.

Spray Drying Tower

The spray drying tower is responsible for drying the raw materials after they have been mixed. The automated system allows for precise control of the drying process, which ensures uniform moisture content and facilitating optimal brick formation.

Roller Kiln

The roller kiln is a key component of the production system, where the shaped bricks undergo controlled heating and cooling. The automated roller kiln ensures precise temperature control, resulting in bricks with superior strength and durability.

Automatic Brick Press Machine

The automatic brick press machine is responsible for shaping the dried mixture into bricks. With the fully automated system, the machine can accurately control the pressure and speed of the pressing process, which ensures consistent brick dimensions and quality.

Automatic Packing System

After production, there is a fully automatic packing system that can arrange the magnesia carbon bricks in suitable pack. Moreover, Kerui supports customized packing method or print on the bag. The packing system imporves the efficiency.

Automatic Refractory Brick Production System
Automatic Refractory Brick Production System

Produce Magnesia Carbon Brick
Produce Magnesia Carbon Brick

Details of Final Products
Details of Final Products

Benefits of the Automated Refractory Brick Production System

The implementation of the fully automated refractory brick production system brings numerous benefits to Kerui and our customers.

Improved Production Efficiency

The automation of the production process significantly increases efficiency by reducing manual labor and minimizing human error. Besides, this fully automatic system allows for higher production capacity, shorter production cycles and faster order fulfillment for magnesium bricks.

Guaranteed Product Quality

The automated system ensures consistent and reliable product quality by maintaining precise control over the manufacturing parameters. Additionally, the use of high-quality materials and standardized processes minimizes variations. As a result, there is assurance on the product quality.

Enhanced Customer Service

By improving production efficiency and product quality, the automated system enables us to provide better customer service. We can meet customer demands more effectively, deliver orders on time, and ensure a reliable supply of high-quality refractory bricks for the applications.

Refractory Bricks in Kerui Factory


Kerui attaches great importance on the improvement. we continue to invest in research and development to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the industry. Besides, this upgrade will further strengthen our position as a leading provider of Kerui high-quality refractory products.

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