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Inspection of Russian Customers in Kerui Refractory

As a leading refractory manufacturer, Kerui is pleased to announce the successful inspection of Russian customers in December 2023. Customers were impressed by the precision and attention to detail demonstrated by Kerui highly skilled technicians and engineers. Today we’ll introduce the details of this inspection. By the way, our factory is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province. If you’re interested, welcome to visit at any time!

KERUI Refractory

Inspection Details of Russian Customers

Russian Customers Test Size


We understand the importance of precise sizing for specialized equipment. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers meticulously customize the refractory products to meet customers’ specific size requirements. We ensured that the dimensions of the products were by the highest industry standards.

Russian Customers Check the List


We carefully reviewed customers’ order list and category requirements to accurately determine the required quantity of refractory products. Kerui production team can ensure that the fire bricks, refractory fiber products and other related materials were manufactured and delivered to customers in the specified quantities, which adhers to our commitment to timely delivery.

Russian Customers Test in Lab

Physical and Chemical Property

Quality and performance are of utmost importance to us. To guarantee the excellence of our products, we conducted rigorous tests in our state-of-the-art Kerui Physical and Chemical Laboratory. These tests included evaluations of fire resistance, thermal insulation performance, and chemical corrosion resistance. Our products are designed to meet and exceed the relevant standards and regulations.

Russian Customers Test the Shape

Other Aspects

At Kerui Refractory, we take pride in our robust manufacturing capabilities and advanced production facilities. Kerui factory is equipped with the most advanced technology and is designed to optimize efficiency and quality. Besdies, Kerui Refractory prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction, striving to provide you with the best refractory material and exceptional service.


Kerui feels grateful for the careful inspection of Russian customers. More importantly, customers speak highly of the overall strength of Kerui. With the confidence, we will do the best to provide better products as well as service! For more information about Kerui Refractory and our comprehensive range of refractory products, please visit our website at

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