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Shipment of Kerui High Alumina Bricks to South Korea

It is pleased to share the shipment of Kerui high alumina bricks to South Korea in 2021. From this case, you can see that Korean customers bought various kinds of high alumina refractory bricks for their business. Keep reading to learn more information about this case.

Shipment of Kerui High Alumina Bricks to South Korea

Kerui High Alumina Bricks to South Korea

Details About Kerui High Alumina Bricks to South Korea

South Korean customers prefer to buy alumina refractory brick from an original supplier. Because this kind of cooperation is more reliable and flexible. After comparison and communication, customers choose Kerui Refractory, which offers high-quality and various kinds of fire bricks. According the the specific application, Kerui alumina refractory bricks suits their demands best. Besides, South Korean customers also request special-shaped refractory bricks. Kerui has more than 10 years of experience on design and production of special-shaped fire bricks, which meets their requirements. The high alumina bricks shipped to South Korea include:

  • SK36 thin brick;
  • SK36 standard brick;
  • SK36 special-shaped brick;
  • SK38 standard brick;
  • Sintered corundum brick.
Kerui SK36 Thin Alumina Brick to South Korea
Thin SK36 Alumina Brick
SK36 Standard High Alumina Brick to South Korea
Standard SK36 High Alumina Brick
Kerui SK36 Special-shaped Alumina Brick to South Korea
Special-shaped SK36 Alumina Brick

Kerui SK38 Standard High Alumina Brick to South Korea
Standard SK38 High Alumina Brick
Kerui Sintered Corundum Brick to South Korea
Sintered Corundum Brick
Kerui Sintered Corundum Refractory Brick
Kerui Sintered Corundum Refractory Brick

Customer Review – Why Choose Kerui Alumina Bricks?

High Quality and Various Kinds of Products

“First of all, Kerui offers alumina brick with different content of Al2O3, which is convenient for my business. Kerui supports test and sample delivery. I feel assured. Besides, Kerui Refractory is professional in making special-shaped fire bricks. They have rich experience and receive a lot of good feedback.”

Fast Production and Delivery

“Fortunately, there is stock of some standard bricks. Kerui delivers part of standard high alumina bricks in batch. As for the customized fire bricks, they finish the production in about one week. Then Kerui delivered whole refractory bricks from Qingdao Port. Thanks to the short distance of South Korea and China, we received these bricks soon.”

Responsible Team

“Another reason that I choose to buy fire brick from Kerui is their responsible and professional team. There is a one-to-one international business manager who is responsible for the whole process of cooperation. Besides, the business manager and after sales team updates the production and delivery information to me every week! These details made us feel at ease. All in all, we’re willing to establish long-term cooperation with Kerui Refractory!”

Refractory Bricks in Kerui Factory

In the End

As a professional alumina brick supplier in China, Kerui Refractory is also pleased to help the success of customers’ business. If you are also looking for a reliable supplier, we sincerely recommend Kerui to you.

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