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Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable

The silicon carbide refractory castable has excellent performance on all kinds of high temperature applications. Especially in some working environments with strong chemical corrosion and mechanical wear. Welcome to contact Kerui for more details.

  • 58-83%

    SiC + C (≥)

  • 9-20%


  • 450-1100MPa

    Cold Crushing Strength

  • -0.06–0.2%

    Permanent Liner Change


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Technical Index of Kerui Silicon Carbide Castable

To help you choose the most suitable silicon carbide refractory castable, Kerui offers technical index for your reference. Below is parameter of silicon carbide refractory castable based on the standard of China refractory industry. Kerui understands that there are difference among various applications. Please tell us about which kind of refractory castable for sale is in your need, we’ll offer more details.

Chemical Propertiesω (SiC + C)/%837858
ω (Al2O3)/%9920
Physical PropertiesRequired Quantity (t/m3)2.682.62.5
Water Required for Casting (%)450844508445115
CCS (kg/cm2)@ 110℃x24h650(140)500(90)450(70)
@ 1000℃x3h850(150)600(150)550(100)
@ 1350℃x3h1100(250)1000(250)1000(250)
PLC (%)@ 110℃x24h-0.06-0.06-0.06
@ 1000℃x3h-0.1-0.1-0.2
@ 1350℃x3h-0.1-0.1-0.12
TC (kcal/mh℃)@ 350℃11.5118

High Quality Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable
KERUI Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable
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Features of Kerui Silicon Carbide Castable

High Refractoriness
High Abrasion
Excellent Chemical Resistance
High Thermal Conductivity

Excellent Property

The excellent property comes from raw materials with high purity and advanced manufacturing process. Kerui silicon carbide refractory castable ensures optimal performance even in the most demanding industrial environments. This high-quality refractory castable is designed to exceed your expectations and provide long-lasting results in your project. Welcome to follow Kerui Pinterest for more information.

Suitable for Various Kilns

As an excellent composite refractory material, Kerui silicon carbide castable does not react with other chemicals. This product has long been used in areas of the kiln where slag reaction and high temperature spalling are severe. Currently, Kerui continues to optimize the properties of this castable according to customer requirements. No matter what industry you are in, Kerui has the right refractory materials.

Easy to Use

The application of Kerui silicon carbide castable is not limited by the type and shape of the kiln. Just add the right amount of water and use the appropriate construction method (pouring, pounding, gunning). Kerui engineers will provide corresponding technical guidance to achieve perfect application results. In addition, customers can also process silicon carbide castable into other shaped products.

Energy Saving

Silicon carbide castable have low thermal conductivity. This also means that it does not affect the thermal efficiency of high-temperature kilns. Correspondingly, when building a kiln, using this castable in areas that are prone to erosion can result in a longer service life. The use of silicon carbide and low cement refractory castable can reduce the frequency of furnace maintenance and maintain stable operation.

Real Cases of Kerui Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable

Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable in Incinerator

Indonesian Customer – Incinerator

“Kerui’s silicon carbide refractory casting material has significantly enhanced the performance of our waste incineration furnace in Indonesia. The durability and heat resistance of the material have exceeded our expectations. We appreciate Kerui’s expertise and support, contributing to the efficient and reliable operation of our facility. Thank you, my brother!”

Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable for Blast Furnace

Turkish Customer – Blast Furnace

“Working with Kerui has been a game-changer for our blast furnace project in Turkey. The silicon carbide castatble provided by Kerui is a good refractory material. It has proven to be exceptionally resilient under extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Our furnace’s productivity has seen a notable improvement, thanks to the high-quality materials and responsive service from Kerui.”

Silicon Carbide Refractory Castable for Boiler

Mexican Customer – Boiler

” The silicon carbide refractory solutions bring resistance to thermal shock and wear has exceeded our expectations, resulting in increased operational efficiency. We extend our thanks to Kerui for their consistent quality and support throughout the project. It’s been a pleasure working with a reliable partner like Kerui. We sincerely recommend this partner to all of you!”

Kerui Support for Silicon Carbide Castable

Support Reasonable Price

As a powerful refractory castable manufacturer, Kerui provides ex-factory prices for silicon carbide castable. What’s more, if you choose Kerui, you are working directly with the source manufacturer. This is Kerui biggest advantage. You don’t have to pay any middlemen. On top of that, if you buy refractory materials in bulk, you’ll likely get discounted prices!

Support Technical Guidance

You may encounter technical difficulties when using silicon carbide refractory castable. At this time, Kerui technical guidance is particularly important. Our engineers have extensive project experience and expertise. They can provide the most instructive solutions when facing different technical problems. In order to facilitate the smooth progress of customer projects, Kerui supports flexible online and offline guidance methods.

Support Various Refractory Products

In addition to silicon carbide castable, there are conventional refractory castables. Of course, you can also ask Kerui to customize the composition, performance, packaging, etc. of refractory castable for you. As a refractory castable manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, Kerui also offers other refractory materials such as refractory fire brick for sale in various sizes, insulation bricks and ceramic fiber insulation products. These rich and diverse refractory materials can ensure the stable operation of your project.

Support One-stop Service

Kerui one-stop service includes product consultation, plan formulation, delivery and packaging, after-sales follow-up, etc. If you are looking for a monolithic refractory supplier that saves time and managers, Kerui is your best choice. Many international customers have visited our factory and chosen to cooperate with us. Our factory is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province, China, which is a refractory industry cluster. Welcome to book a visit at any time!

KERUI Monolithic Refractory Products for Sale
Cases of KERUI Monolithic Products


Kerui is confident to provide high quality silicon carbide refractory castable for you. We’ve exported this product to various countries and regions. If you’re interested, please contact us now. We’ll reply soon!

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