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What’s the Effect of Using AZS Bricks on Glass Kilns

In glass industry, customers use AZS bricks as the linings of glass kiln. As the part in direct contact with the glass liquid, AZS bricks not only have excellent corrosion resistance, but also do not pollute the glass liquid. The scientific name of AZS refractory bricks is fused zirconium corundum bricks. It is made by completely electric melting the raw materials, casting them in a mold and cooling and solidifying them. So how effective is this product in actual glass kilns? Today let’s explore it together.

Requirements for Refractory Materials in Glass Kilns

With the continuous advancement of glass melting technology, the requirements for fire brick refractory for glass kilns are becoming higher. In the lining of the glass furnace, the refractory material needs to have strong corrosion resistance to acidic chemicals. Moreover, it also needs to have good resistance to the erosion of glass slag. Additionally, people pay more attention to health and environmental protection. Therefore, refractory materials should not corrode the glass solution are needed in glass furnaces.

In general, AZS bricks are widely used in glass mainly because they can meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain and improve the quality of glass;
  2. Economic requirements for glass kilns to enable longer kiln operating cycles;
  3. The impact and influence brought by the adoption of pure oxygen combustion system.

High-quality AZS Brick
KERUI AZS Refractory Brick
Use Sillimanite Refractory Brick in Glass Kiln

Good Effect of AZS Brick in Different Aeras of Glass Kiln

Many customers do not know exactly about the selection of fused zirconium corundum bricks and other refractory materials in the parts of the glass melting furnace. These areas are in contact with the glass liquid, as well as the various classifications of glass tank kilns. It is reported that the entire tank kiln from the melting section, cooling section to the forming section is in contact with the glass liquid. In the whole process of melting batch materials into qualified glass, the temperature range is from 1200℃ to 1600℃. As a result, the glass liquid is in a convection state.

For the Wall of Pool

The wall for glass pool is exposed to the glass solution for a long time and is corroded quickly. Pool wall bricks are mainly made of fused zirconium corundum bricks (also called fused AZS brick). Recently, α-β fused corundum bricks are also used.

For the Bottom of Pool

The conditions for the pool bottom bricks are that the temperature of the glass liquid is low and the flow is weak. Nowadays, a multi-layer composite pool bottom structure is adopted. Generally, the floor tiles are 300mm large clay bricks and the top of the large clay bricks is laid with 25mm Zircon sand or fused zirconium corundum ramming material. The paving tiles are 75mm fused AZS bricks.

For the Feeding Pool

The feeding pool is seriously damaged due to the erosion of powder and glass liquid, wear of the material layer, erosion of liquid flow and flame. Especially for the corner bricks of the feeding pool, AZS41 fused pick corundum bricks are used at the corners. Except for corner bricks, ordinary cast AZS33 fused zirconium corundum bricks can be used in other parts.

For the Neck Clamping

The bottom of the pool is made of AZS33 fused zirconium corundum bricks and large clay bricks, the pool wall is made of AZS33 fused bricks, but at the corners of the neck, AZS41 with no shrinkage holes is used for tilting. Zirconium corundum bricks enhance the erosion resistance of the bricks. The clamping necks are constructed with high-quality silica bricks and the clamping necks are constructed with high-quality silica bricks.

For the Cooling Part

The temperature of the glass liquid is lower than that of the melting part and the erosion of the bricks is lighter. AZS33 fused zirconium corundum bricks are produced by the oxidation method.

For the Flow Channels

Fused AZS33 fused cast alumina block or α-Al2O3 bricks are used for flow channels.



In general, AZS bricks show excellent results in glass kilns. If you are looking for an integrated refractory solution for your project, Kerui is confident in providing you with high-quality products and professional technical solutions. Contact Kerui Refractory now!

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