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Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Delivered to Russia

Kerui is pleased to share the latest delivery news about refractory precast to Russia. We maintain close cooperation with Russian customers and become a stable manufacturer for our customers with strict quality control and efficient production and delivery.

Kerui Refractory Precast Blocks Delivered to Russia

Details about Kerui Refractory Precast Products

Russian customers have cooperated with Kerui more than once. During the ongoing cooperation process, business managers will respond to customer needs as quickly as possible. In addition, Kerui business managers and engineers customize refractory solutions based on customer needs. This time, in order to promote the customer’s project progress and achieve good operating results, Kerui produced refractory prefabricated parts according to the drawings provided by the customer. This batch of refractory precast blocks produced by Kerui matches the customer’s kiln operating conditions. Here is the latest shipping status feedback.

  • Application: non-ferrous melting furnace;
  • Shape: customized;
  • Raw material: high alumina castable.

Kerui Refractory Precast to Russia
Kerui Precast Shapes to Russia
Refractory Precast Shape to Russia

Advantages of Using Refractory Precast Block in Non-ferrous Furnace

Improve the Working Efficiency of Masonry

This batch of refractory precast blocks are made of high alumina refractory castable. These products have controlled conditions, which ensures consistent dimensions and precise shapes. This standardization allows for easier installation, reduces the need for on-site modifications, and simplifies the masonry process. The accurate dimensions and shapes of precast blocks enable tight joints and minimize gaps, resulting in improved overall furnace lining quality. The precast nature of these blocks allows for faster installation compared to traditional bricklaying methods. Precast blocks are delivered to the site ready for immediate installation, which eliminates the time-consuming process of shaping and cutting bricks on-site.

Improve the Operation Effect of Furnace

Refractory precast blocks are manufactured using advanced technologies and high-quality refractory materials, which makes this product highly resistant to the extreme temperatures and chemical environments present in non-ferrous furnaces. These blocks exhibit superior thermal stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock, minimizing the risk of lining failure and extending the service life of the furnace. The enhanced durability of precast blocks reduces maintenance requirements and ensures uninterrupted furnace operation. The precise installation of refractory precast blocks results in a well-insulated furnace lining. It’s helpful to reduce heat loss through the walls.


In conslucion, Kerui has finished the successful delivery of refractory precast blocks to Russia. Moreover, the strict quality control and fast delivery are the reasons that Russian customers choose Kerui as a long term supplier. If you’d like to know more details, please contact Kerui now.

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