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A Batch of Refractory Brick Shipped to Russia in April 2024

Let us congratulate another batch of refractory bricks successfully sent to Russia! The successful delivery underscores Kerui dedication to customer satisfaction and responsiveness to project requirements. Russian customers request customized refractory brick sizes. Kerui experienced team finished the design, production and delivery professionally. Therefore, Russian customers are highly satisfied with this cooperation.

Refractory Brick Shipped to Russia in April 2024

Details of This Batch of Refractory Brick Shipped to Russia

This latest shipment not only solidifies Kerui position as a trusted supplier of high-quality refractory firebricks. Moreover, it strengthens partnerships with key players in the global aluminum smelting industry. By prioritizing customization and attentive service, Kerui continues to elevate industry standards and foster enduring collaborations with clients worldwide.

As soon as there is an update on production or shipment, Kerui will update the customer. As you can see from the pictures and video, Kerui labels the packaging with the product name, production and shipment lot, and other details. This makes it easier for customers to complete their production more efficiently when they receive their goods. In addition, each batch of refractory bricks is carefully packaged to avoid bumps, moisture and other factors that may affect product quality during transportation.

Package of Refractory Brick to Russia
Loading of Refractory Brick to Russia
Delivery of KERUI Refractory Brick to Russia


For further information about Kerui Refractory China range of refractory solutions or to explore custom order options, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company directly.

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