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Construction Site of Kerui Refractory Product in Non-ferrous Furnace

Kerui is glad to share the successful construction of Kerui products in non-ferrous metal smelting furnace in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia China. Customers choose high quality refractory bricks and unshaped refractory products to keep the stable operation of silicon manganese furnace. Now keep reading to learn more about this case.

Construction Site of Kerui Refractory Product in Mongolia

Main Refractory Products in Non-ferrous Furnace

  • High alumina brick (LZ-75, LZ65);
  • Corundum refractory castable;
  • Phosphate refractory cement;
  • Calcined bauxite;

Commonly, customers can use high alumina brick as the lining of silicon manganese furnaces. It can withstand sudden temperature changes and strong chemical corrosion. Besides, monolithic refractory products like corundum castable and refractory cement are helpful for patching and sealing joints in the refractory lining. Therefore, it ensures a tight and durable bond.

Kerui High Alumina Brick for Silicon Manganese Furnace
High Alumina Brick
Corundum Castable for Silicon Manganese Furnace
Corundum Castable
Buy Kerui Refractory Cement for Silicon Manganese Furnace
Refractory Cement
Calcined Bauxite Silicon Manganese Furnace
Calcined Bauxite

Kerui Refractory offers high-quality refractory products for customers. Because we adopt excellent materials and advanced manufacturing processes. Silicon manganese furnaces operate under extreme conditions, which require refractory materials to intense heat, chemical reactions and mechanical stresses. These products aim to enhance the longevity and efficiency of silicon manganese furnaces.

Construction Details about Kerui Refractory Products in Mongolia

A variety of refractory materials were used in this project, and with the assistance of Kerui engineers, the customer has mastered the correct installation and use methods. In addition, engineers also provided follow-up maintenance suggestions.

Mongolian customers said that they were very satisfied with this cooperation. Because they not only enjoy high-quality refractory fire brick for sale but also receive high-quality installation services and responsible after-sales service. For the non-ferrous metal smelting furnace industry, customers have a long-term and large demand for refractory materials. They are happy to establish a long-term partnership with Kerui.

Construction of Nonferrous Furnace
Installation of Kerui Monolithic Refractory Products
Silicon Manganese Furnace in Mongolia


The construction of refractory products in silicon manganese furnace is successful. No matter which industry you’re in, Kerui is confident to offer a professional solution. This venture marks a strategic move by KERUI Refractory Group to enhance its capabilities and meet the growing demand for advanced refractory solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of metal processing. Welcome customers to contact Kerui for more details.

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