Kerui Will Attend Iran METAFO EXHIBITION

Good news! Kerui will attend Iran metafo exhibition to explore more opportunities in metallurgy industry. Kerui attaches great importance and dedicates to showcasing the latest advancements in the field of metalworking.

Welcome to METAFO

Introduction of Kerui in Iran METAFO EXHIBITION

The Iran METAFO Exhibition serves as a pivotal platform for industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts to converge and explore the newest technologies and trends in the metalworking sector. Kerui will participate in this event to share more useful information.

  • Time: 24th to 27th November 2023;
  • Location: Tehran International Permanent Fairground Halls, Iran;
  • Entrance Hall: 44/2;
  • Booth Number: B08;
  • Exhibition: The 20th International Exhibition of Iran Metafo
Kerui Position in Iran METAFO
Kerui Position in Iran METAFO EXHIBITION

Contribute of Kerui in Iran METAFO EXHIBITION

Showcase of Professional Solution

Kerui presence at the Iran METAFO Exhibition was marked by the presentation of its professional solutions for the metalworking sector. Besides, Kerui demonstrated expertise in addressing the diverse needs of the industry, which offers comprehensive and tailored solutions that encompass the entire manufacturing process. Whether it was smart manufacturing, precision machining, or environmental sustainability, Kerui showcased how its professional solutions could elevate the capabilities of businesses in the metalworking domain.

Display of High Quality Products

At the exhibition, Kerui placed a spotlight on its portfolio of high-quality products, inclusing refractory brick, insulating brick, monolithic products, insulation materials and so on. This showcases the precision, durability and reliability that define its manufacturing offerings. From machining equipment to specialized tools, Kerui’s products exemplified a commitment to delivering excellence. The exhibition provided a platform for attendees to interact with these products, gaining firsthand insights into the quality and performance that Kerui brings to the market.

Sharing and Consultations of Industry Knowledge

As part of its contribution, Kerui actively engaged with exhibition attendees through knowledge-sharing sessions and consultations. Our experts were on hand to provide insights, answer queries and offer guidance on optimizing metalworking operations. This collaborative approach fostered meaningful interactions and positioned Kerui as a reliable partner for industry professionals seeking expert advice.


Therefore, if you are also paying attention to this exhibition, please contact us immediately. Welcome to pay attention to the official website of Kerui for more information about the refractory industry exhibition and this company.

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