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Difference Between Ceramic Fiber Board and Calcium Silicate Board

For industrial furnace insulation, many customers feel puzzled about the differences between ceramic fiber board and calcium silicate board. While these two kinds of products have different properties and application methods. Here is some information for you to know about these products and make them suitable for specific applications. Now we will compare these materials based on their heat resistance, anti-expansion properties, reuse performance, transportation, storage and construction characteristics.

Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Difference on Properties

Heat Resistance Property
Ceramic fiber board: as an important insulation material in industrial kilns, ceramic fiber board has significant thermal shock resistance. In other words, this product can cope with rapid cooling and heating conditions very well. Therefore, ceramic fiber boards will not crack during use.
Calcium silicate board: because calcium silicate board material is about granular products, the thermal shock resistance of this product is much lower than that of ceramic fiber board. And calcium silicate boards need to be reinforced with a certain amount of fiber during production.

Anti-expansion Property
Ceramic fiber board: thanks to high-quality fiber materials, Kerui ceramic fiber board has high strength and toughness. When customers use this product as a thermal insulation lining, it can promptly absorb the expansion force generated by refractory bricks or refractory castable during the heating process.
Calcium silicate board: compared with ceramic fiber board, this product is more prone to cracks. Calcium silicate boards are composed of calcium and silica, along with reinforcing fibers.Therefore, the expansion property will affect the strength and application effect of calcium silicate board.

Reuse Performance
Ceramic fiber board: during construction, if workers pay a little attention when using it, fiber ceramic board will not be damaged. Customers can reuse this product to reduce costs. Especially when repairing the kiln wall.
Calcium silicate board: after being fired at high temperature, the strength of calcium silicate board will be greatly reduced, and this product is a brittle material and generally cannot be reused.

KERUI Ceramic Fiber Board Details
KERUI Ceramic Fiber Board
KERUI Calcium Silicate Board
KERUI Calcium Silicate Board

Difference on Application

Ceramic fiber board: ceramic fiber board has excellent strength and toughness, and its ability to resist collision is relatively strong. Especially during the process of loading and unloading trucks, ceramic fiber products provide more convenience.
Calcium silicate board: this product requires constant attention to collision during transportation. Because calcium silicate boards are easily broken or chipped, this will not only affect the use effect, but also cause product loss.

Ceramic fiber board: generally speaking, ceramic fiber board has good waterproof performance, which brings great convenience to customers’ storage, especially in rainy and humid storage environments. And customers do not need to add waterproofing agents to ceramic fiber boards.
Calcium silicate board: this product is a highly water-absorbent material and requires extra attention to moisture-proof measures during storage. In addition, calcium silicate boards in an environment with a stable temperature is advisable. Extreme temperature fluctuations can impact their performance over time.

Ceramic Fiber Board: ceramic fiber board and other kinds of ceramic insulation for sale is easier to cut during construction. Customers can flexibly choose the construction location and construction method.
Calcium silicate board: customers who purchase calcium silicate board can consider measuring the size and quantity before proceeding with construction directly. This construction method can greatly improve the construction efficiency of the project.

Package of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Products
If you’re puzzled about the option about calcium silicate board and ceramic fiber board, we hope this passage can help you. Besides, Kerui Refractory Group offers professional guidance on the choose and match of all kinds of refractory and insulation materials. Please contact Kerui to get high-quality products for your business.

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