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Welcome Egyptian Customers to Kerui Refractory in October 2023

Good news! Egyptian customers came to Kerui Refractory for a visit on 10, October 2023. With a good reputation as well as strong production ability in the refractory industry, Kerui is confident in inviting customers for inspection. Here are more details about this business visit.

Kerui Refractory and Egypt Customers
Kerui Refractory and Egypt Customers

How Do Egypt Customers Get in Touch with Kerui?

Kerui will update the latest news about our products and company news on LinkedIn. This time, Egypt customers attached importance to the information on Kerui LinkedIn account and sent us messages. Then Kerui business manager gave on-time feedback.

After communication, we know that customers were interested in zircon corundum brick and chrome corundum brick for their furnaces. Correspondingly, Kerui corundum bricks have excellent heat resistance as well as chemical resistance. Both parties had a pleased communication and Egypt customers decided to visit Kerui factory.

Kerui Business Manager and Egypt Customers

Egypt Customers Visit Kerui Factory

When Egyptian customers arrived in China, Kerui business managers and technical staff provided thoughtful services. The next day, KERUI business manager led the customer to visit the corundum brick factory.

We learned that Egyptian customers were operating kilns that produced glass wool. This kind of kiln has relatively high requirements for the durability of refractory bricks for sale. During the production process of glass wool, it will undergo extreme cold and hot temperature changes. Besides, chemically corrosive substances will also be produced. After a comprehensive assessment of customer needs, KERUI zirconium corundum bricks and chrome corundum bricks are very suitable for the customer’s kiln operating environment.

KERUI Service for Egyptian Customers

Egyptian customers highly recognize Kerui product strength of the corundum brick and service quality. More importantly, Kerui professional team has the ability to provide Egyptian customers with a full set of technical services, including the selection of overall kiln refractory materials, installation and maintenance guidance, etc. Egyptian customers expressed that they look forward to establishing cooperation with Kerui.

Corundum Bricks in Kerui Factory

KERUI Corundum Bricks in Factory
KERUI Corundum Bricks
Kerui Introduce Corundum Brick to Egyptian Customer
Introduce Corundum Bricks
Egypt Customers Visit Kerui Laboratory
Visit Kerui Laboratory

Are you also looking for high-quality refractory materials for high-temperature industries? Why not consider Kerui? There are high-quality products and professional services here. Welcome to contact Kerui now to make an appointment to visit the factory!

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