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Fire Brick Price

The typical fire brick price ranges from $50 per ton. As a source refractory product manufacturer in China, Kerui ensures ex-factory firebrick price. Kerui is willing to assist you to find the most suitable fire brick price.

  • 55-82%

    Al2O3 (≥)

  • 1.9-3.9

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 1250-1790

    Refractoriness Under Load (℃)

  • 30-200

    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)

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What’s the Price of Fire Brick?

It’s crucial to decide which type of fire brick is in your need. Therefore, you can find suitable product and corresponding cost easily. Commonly, we divide this product according to various chemical compositions: alumina, silica and magnesia. Here Kerui offers a reference price for each kind of brick. (This is just a starting price, you can contact us now to calculate the final cost.)

Alumina Brick

The starting price for alumina bricks is approximately $50 per ton. Alumina bricks are known for their high alumina content, which provides excellent thermal insulation and resistance to high temperatures. They are commonly used in applications that require high strength and resistance to abrasion, such as in industrial furnaces.

Silica Brick

Silica bricks have a starting price of around $400 per ton. The main component is silica (SiO2), which offers excellent thermal shock resistance and resistance to acidic slag. Silica bricks have wide applications in glass industry furnaces, coke ovens and other high-temperature applications. The alumina silica fire brick has excellent resistance to thermal stress and chemical attack is crucial.

Magnesia Brick

Magnesia bricks have a higher starting price of approximately $800 per ton. These bricks are made from magnesia, which provides exceptional resistance to high temperatures and basic slag. Magnesia bricks are often used in steelmaking processes, such as in the lining of basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs), electric arc furnaces (EAFs), and steel ladles.

It is important to note that these prices are starting points and may vary depending on factors such as quantity, delivery location and specific product requirements. For an accurate cost calculation and to obtain a final refractory brick cost, it is recommended to contact Kerui directly, as they can provide more specific pricing information based on your needs.

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Factors Affect Fire Bricks Price

As we mentioned above, fire brick type is an important factor that affects the final price. There are many key factors: fire brick size, performance, physical and chemical index, quantity, shipment, application and so on. For more information about Kerui, youv can communiate with Kerui in LinkedIn.

Type of Fire Brick

Different types of fire bricks have varying compositions and properties. Fire bricks made from materials such as alumina, silica, or magnesia can have different price ranges. There is different price of fire brick with higher levels of purity or special additives.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of fire bricks can also impact their price. Custom-sized or shaped bricks may require additional manufacturing steps. As a result, different size and shape lead to higher costs.


The quantity of fire bricks needed can affect the price. Purchasing larger quantities from refractory fire brick suppliers may result in volume discounts. Therefore, you’d better reduce the overall cost per brick by completing large quantities of purchases at one time.

Manufacturing Technique

The manufacturing process used to produce fire bricks can impact their price. Bricks that require specialized manufacturing techniques or additional processing steps may be more expensive.

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Why Kerui Offers Reasonable Fire Brick Price?

Higher Manufacturing Efficiency

Kerui has a streamlined manufacturing process that optimizes efficiency and reduces production costs. We have invested in advanced technology and equipment to ensure the efficient production of high-quality fire bricks. This allows us to minimize manufacturing costs and offer competitive prices to our customers.

Bulk Production and Sourcing

As a leading fire brick supplier in the industry, Kerui has the advantage of bulk production and sourcing. We have established strong relationships with raw material suppliers. We can obtain materials at competitive prices. By purchasing materials in large quantities, we can benefit from economies of scale and pass those cost savings on to our customers.

Research and Development

Kerui invests in research and development to constantly improve our products and manufacturing processes. This commitment to innovation allows us to develop more efficient production techniques and cost-effective formulations for fire bricks. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we can maintain competitive pricing while delivering high-performance fire bricks.

Quality Control

While offering competitive pricing, we never compromise on the quality of our fire bricks. Kerui has stringent quality control measures in place at every stage of production. Our experienced team of professionals ensures that all fire bricks meet the required standards and specifications. By maintaining high-quality standards, we provide value for money to our customers.

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To ensure you can get a reasonable fire brick price, Kerui Refractory is willing to offer a detailed quotation for you. Please tell us your needs, our busienss manager will contcat you soon.

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