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SK34 Firebrick

SK34 firebrick is a kind of fire clay brick. This products is popular in high temperature applications for good property and good price. Kerui reference price: $50 per ton. If you need this product, Kerui offers a competitive price.

  • 42%

    Al2O3 (≥)

  • 1730℃


  • 2.12g/cm³

    Bulk Density

  • 29.4MPa

    Cold Crushing Strength


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Kerui Clay SK34 Firebrick

Introduction of Kerui SK34 Firebrick

The fire brick SK34 contains Al2O3 about 48%. This kind of fire clay brick performs weakly acidic at high temperatures and therefore has good resistance to corrosion by acidic chemicals. In addition, this product can still maintain stability in rapidly hot and cold working environments. The SK34 fire clay bricks are particularly widely used in high-temperature kilns.

High Working Temperature
Proper Thermal Stability
Proper Acid Resistance
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
High Mechanical Strength
Low Porosity

Technical Index of SK34 Firebrick

You can choose standard refractory brick size at 230×114×65mm or other customized size. The following are the technical data of SK34 bricks. The information is based on GB/T 3995 2006 and GB/T 3994 2005. By the way, Kerui supports customzied fire brick. If you have needs, please contact us.

ω (Al2O3)/%42
Refractoriness /℃1730
Bulk Density (g/cm³)2.12
Apparent Porosity/%24
Cold Crushing Strength/MPa29.4
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload/℃1400
Permanent Linear Change/% 1350℃×2h
StandardGB/T 3995 2006, GB/T 3994 2005

KERUI SK34 Firebrick for Sale
Buy SK34 Brick from Kerui
Production of Kerui SK34 Brick

Strict Quality Control of Kerui SK34 Firebrick

Raw Material Inspection of SK34 Firebrick

Quality Control of Raw Material

Due to its proximity to high-quality raw materials, Kerui uses high-purity raw materials in the production of this alumina fire brick. Upon arrival, each batch of raw material undergoes thorough inspection and testing. To prevent contamination and maintain material integrity, a well-organized storage system with designated zones is established.

Test the Shape of SK34 Firebrick

Quality Control of Molding

There are precise molds and high-tonnage hydraulic presses to ensure consistent brick size and shape. During the production process, Kerui workers control the pressure to achieve the desired density. Therefore, it’s crucial for the strength and insulation properties of SK34 firebrick.

Quality Control of SK34 Brick

Quality Control of Final Products

Once the firebricks are molded, they undergo rigorous quality control checks. The dimensions of each brick are measured to ensure they meet the specified requirements. The edges and corners are inspected for any defects or irregularities. Additionally, the physical and chemical properties of the firebricks, such as density and thermal conductivity, are tested to ensure they meet the required standards.

Kerui High Alumina SK34 Firebrick

Quality Control of Packaging

To protect the firebricks during transportation and storage, Kerui pays special attention to the packaging process. The firebricks are carefully packed using a three-layer packaging system. This includes high-quality plastic film, steel strapping and wooden pallets. The wooden pallets undergo high-temperature fumigation to prevent the entry of foreign organisms, which ensures the integrity of the soft fire bricks.

Application of Kerui SK34 Firebrick for Sale

Due to their high quality and low price, clay bricks are widely used in blast furnaces, iron furnaces, hot blast furnaces, steel drums and steel pouring systems, soaking furnaces, heating furnaces, non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces, kilns in the silicate industry and chemical industry and chimneys and flues of all thermal equipment.

Kerui SK34 fire clay bricks are made from high-quality clay and other refractory materials. It’s widely used in industries such as steel, cement, glass, ceramics and petrochemicals. These industries rely on fire clay bricks to line furnaces, kilns, boilers, and other high-temperature equipment to ensure optimal performance and extended service life. For more information about the popular products, please refer to Kerui Twitter.

Kerui Useful SK34 Firebrick
Construction of SK34 Firebrick
Use of Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

Case about KERUI Refractory Brick

Benefits of Buying SK34 Brick from Kerui Refractory


Kerui has ISO, CE, SGS and many other international certificates about SK34 firebrick. As we mentioned above with strict quality control, Kerui refractory bricks are compliant and safe. In the international market, Kerui refractory bricks are very popular. Because authoritative certificates allow customers to quickly establish trust with Kerui.

Customized Solution

In order to achieve optimal delivery of clay bricks to specific parts of the kiln, Kerui supports customized solutions. For example, customize the composition of clay bricks for hot blast furnaces, customize the shape of clay bricks for steel-making furnaces, etc. In addition, Kerui, as an experienced refractory brick manufacturer, can also provide a range of products for high temperature kilns. For example, refractory fire clay mortar, insulation bricks and insulation materials matching SK34 bricks, etc.

Technical Service

In order to make your project go more smoothly, there are professional engineers here to provide you with technical services. When you don’t know how to choose a product, or are confused when using a product, feel free to contact Kerui at any time. We will provide technical assistance in a timely manner. Kerui engineers have rich theoretical knowledge and project experience in the refractory industry and can provide you with the most professional help.

Fast Delivery

For standard SK34 refractory bricks, we support immediate shipment if our factory has them in stock. If you need to customize the size or other aspects of SK34 bricks, it will take about 7 working days to complete production. During the production and delivery process, Kerui business managers keep in close contact with you throughout the process. In addition, delivery team of Kerui Group China will provide the most reasonable transportation solution based on actual conditions.

Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate

KERUI Technical Support on Refractory Cement

In Summary

Kerui not only provides excellent SK34 firebrick for sale, but also offers professional service. We’re trying to meets your requirements on high temperature industries. Welcome to contact us for quick reply or order a visiting!

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