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K26 Insulation Brick

The K26 insulation brick is classified according to different of mullite insulation brick. This product has excellent performance in high temperature applications. Compared with other types of insulation bricks, it has better performance and price.

  • 51%

    Al2O3 (≥)

  • 0.78-0.80g/cm³

    Bulk Density

  • 1430℃(2600℉)

    Classification Temperature

  • 1.3MPa

    Cold Crushing Strength


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KERUI Mullite Insulation Brick

Technical Data Sheet of Kerui K26 Insulation Brick

K26 insulating fire brick belongs to one of the kind of mullite insulation brick. Ordinary insulation bricks cannot be in direct contact with flames, but you can use K26 insulation bricks directly in areas that are in contact with flames. Here are technical information of Kerui K26 brick for sale. The data is on the basis of the industry standard of the USA. If you need more related products, welcome to contact Kerui now. We support customization of K26 fire bricks.

ω (Al2O3)/ ≥ %51
ω (SiO2)/ ≤ %35
ω (Fe2O3)/ ≤ %0.4
Bulk Density (g/cm³)0.78-0.80
Classification Temperature ℃(℉)1430 (2600)
Cold Crushing Strength/MPa1.3
Thermal Expansion 1000℃(%)0.7
Permanent Linear Change/% (T/℃*12h)1400℃
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ≤/[W/(m·K)]400℃0.27

KERUI K26 Fire Brick
KERUI K26 Insulation Brick
K26 Insulation Brick for Sale

Good Properties of K26 Insulation Fire Bricks

Good Insulation Effect

K26 insulation bricks have excellent thermal insulation properties and can effectively reduce heat conduction. This allows it to maintain a stable temperature inside the kiln, preventing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

High Refractoriness

This product can withstand continuous use in high temperature environments. They can resist corrosion from factors such as high temperature, flame and chemical corrosion, and maintain stable performance.

High Strength

K26 refractory bricks with excellent mechanical strength can withstand a certain amount of pressure in kilns. Therefore, this makes K26 firebrick highly reliable in the masonry and support of lining of high temperature kiln and able to maintain structural integrity over long periods of time.

Good Thermal Shock Resistance

K26 thermal insulation refractory bricks have excellent thermal shock resistance. They are able to withstand the expansion and contraction of the kiln at high temperatures, reducing thermal stress due to temperature changes, thereby reducing the risk of cracking and damage to the bricks.

K26 Insulation Brick
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Common Applications of K26 Insulation Brick

K26 insulating refractory bricks are widely used as linings for casting furnaces, forging furnaces, ceramic furnaces or high-temperature parts in other industries. They can withstand smelting and heating processes at high temperatures, protect the furnace structure and reduce heat loss. These bricks have operating temperature ratings up to 2600 degrees Fahrenheit, making them the most recommended bricks for high fire ceramic uses. There are more related application on KERUI LinkedIn. Common application of this brick includes:

  • Analytical furnace lining;
  • Backup insulation for aluminum electrolytic cells;
  • Electric kilns for industrial and amateur use;
  • Backup insulation material for blast furnace linings;
  • Carbonization furnace lining;
  • Forging furnace lining;
  • Heat Transfer Linings;

K26 Insulating Fire Brick for Sale
Use High Quality K26 Insulation Brick
Delivery of K26 Insulating Firebrick

Kerui Efforts in K26 Insulation Brick Manufacturing Process

Excellent Raw Material

One of the key factors in producing high-quality insulation bricks is the raw material used. Kerui utilizes high-purity raw materials, which ensures the bricks have excellent thermal stability and insulation properties. By using materials with a high level of purity, Kerui can guarantee the consistent performance and durability of their K26 insulation bricks. In addition to the high purity of the raw materials, Kerui employs a fully automatic batching system. This system ensures that the raw materials are mixed in precise ratios.

Less Tolerance in Dimension

To ensure that the K26 insulation bricks meet the required specifications, Kerui employs high-tonne press machines during the manufacturing process. These machines exert significant pressure on the raw material mixture, resulting in bricks with precise dimensions and a uniform density. Furthermore, Kerui pays close attention to the polishing process of the insulation bricks. They implement a detailed polishing process to remove any imperfections on the surface and ensure a smooth and uniform finish. This meticulous approach guarantees that the bricks have a consistent size and shape, with minimal tolerance in dimension.

Careful Package

Kerui adopts careful package for the soft insulation brick. This arrangement prevents excessive pressure or movement that could lead to cracks or breakage. The insulation bricks are securely packed in sturdy packaging materials, such as wooden crates or pallets. These packaging materials are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and provide maximum protection against moisture, dust, and other potential hazards.

Fast Delivery of JM23 Insulation Brick

Advantages of Kerui as K26 Insulation Brick Manufacturer

Certificate Advantage

Kerui holds various certifications, including ISO, CE, and SGS certificates. By obtaining these certifications, customers trust that Kerui will deliver high-quality insulation bricks that meet even beyond industry standards. As a result, customers can have confidence in the performance and reliability of Kerui K26 refractory brick due to these certifications. Besides, Kerui also owns famous certificates from local government.

Price Advantage

Kerui offers a price advantage by providing factory-direct prices to their customers. By eliminating intermediaries, they can offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of their insulation bricks. Additionally, for customers making large bulk purchases, Kerui provides discounts, further enhancing cost-effectiveness. It’s a wise choice for customers looking for affordable and high-quality K26 insulation bricks.

Customize Advantage

Kerui understands that different projects may require specific sizes and shapes of insulation bricks. To cater to these unique requirements, they offer customization options. Customers can request customized sizes and shapes that suit their specific applications. This flexibility in customization ensures that Kerui K26 insulating fire brick for sale can meet the precise needs of their customers, which enables them to achieve optimal insulation performance.

Service Advantage

Kerui prides itself on providing exceptional service to its customers. They prioritize fast delivery, ensuring that orders are processed and shipped promptly. This allows customers to receive their K26 insulation bricks within the expected timeframe. Besides, this is helpful to minimize project delays. Additionally, Kerui offers one-to-one service, meaning that customers receive personalized assistance and support throughout the purchasing process.

Kerui QMS Certificate
QMS Certificate for K26 Insulation Brick
Kerui OHSM Certificate
OHSM Certificate
Kerui EMS Certificate
EMS Certificate
Kerui CE Certificate
CE Certificate for K26 Insulation Brick

In Summary

As an important product in high tempera application, Kerui K26 insulation brick is of great performance. If you’re looking for high quality K26 insulating bricks, please contact Kerui Refractory company. We’re pleased to procide a customized solution for you.

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