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Difference Among Refractory Cement vs Refractory Castable vs Refractory Mortar

mong monolithic refractory materials, the most common are refractory cement, refractory castable and refractory mortar. These products have high temperature resistance. Refractory mortar is also called refractory mud, which is mainly used for bonding between refractory bricks. Refractory cement is also called refractory concrete. This product can be used directly or as a raw material for other unshaped products. Refractory castable are generally made of refractory aggregates, powders and binders and are constructed by pouring.

What are Differences Among Refractory Cement vs Refractory Castable vs Refractory Mortar?

Product Refractory Cement Refractory Castable Refractory Mortar
Picture KERUI Refractory Cement KERUI Refractory Castable KERUI Refractory Mortar
Raw Material clinker with calcined calcium aluminate as the main component and an alumina content of about 50%. refractory aggregates, powders, binders, admixtures, etc. refractory powders, binders and admixtures
Type CA50, CA70, CA80 high alumina castable, fire clay castable, corundum castable, silicon carbide castable. high alumina mortar, fire clay mortar, AZS mortar, silica mortar, magnesia mortar.
Application as linings for high temperature kilns and furnaces. Besides, it can also be used as raw material for other unshaped refractories. usually used as the lining of the kiln; the construction method is to first add an appropriate amount of water and mix, then vibrate to form, solidify, demould, bake, etc. used at the corresponding joints of refractory bricks to achieve good bonding performance. For example, we can use high alumina mortar to bond high alumina bricks.
Feature fine powder, use directly or used as raw materials for other monolithic refractory products. large particles, various types, complete functions. joint material with fine particle size.

4 Main Reasons about Choosing Kerui as Your Supplier

Newly Upgraded Fully Automated Production Line

Kerui has a newly upgraded fully automated production line that can realize the automated production of unshaped products such as refractory cement, refractory castables and refractory mortar. This ensures consistent product quality and increased production efficiency.

Stable Large-scale Supply Capability

With an annual export volume of more than 150,000 tons, Kerui is able to stably supply a large number of monomer refractory products to meet customer needs. More importantly, Kerui has exported these products to more than 50 countries. This makes Kerui a reliable long-term supplier.

Professional Engineer Services

Kerui has a team of experienced engineers who have in-depth understanding of theoretical knowledge and practical applications of refractory materials. They can provide customers with professional refractory solutions to ensure optimal use of products.

Product Quality Assurance

As a professional refractory cement manufacturer, Kerui has strict control over product quality to ensure that its individual refractory products meet industry standards and customer requirements. This provides customers with a high-quality product guarantee.

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In Summary

The above are the uses of the three products summarized by Kerui. Depending on the construction method, you can also choose refractory spray coatings, refractory ramming materials, etc. Their ingredients are similar but their construction methods and other aspects are very different. To help you quickly choose the right product, Kerui provides technical consulting services. You can tell us the project information and our engineers will quickly provide one-to-one service.

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