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Application of Andalusite Brick in Torpedo Ladle

Today, let’s explore the use of andalusite bricks in torpedo tanks. A torpedo iron tank is referred to as iron mixer or torpedo tank. It’s one of the equipment for holding and transporting iron. Due to the tough working environment, this part has higher requirements for refractory bricks.

KERUI Refractory Brick in Torpedo Ladle

Introduction of Refractory Brick in Torpedo Ladle

Erosion of Torpedo Ladle Refractory Product

The alumina lining brick of the iron mixing car is subject to the following aspects of erosion:

  • Long-time loading of molten iron and slag, subject to severe chemical erosion;
  • Temperature fluctuations caused by intermittent operation during the service life, thermal stress will cause the refractory to erode;
  • In the use cycle, due to intermittent operation caused by temperature fluctuations, thermal stress caused by erosion. It will make the refractory material organization deteriorate and damage;
  • If desulfurization, dephosphorization, and desiliconization (referred to as the three stripped) treatment is carried out in the iron mixing car, the slag alkalinity is increased due to the change of working conditions, and the alkaline substance is seriously flushed.

Properties Required in Torpedo Ladle

  • Good resistance the erosion caused by chemical action, with good resistance to erosion of the furnace sores, especially in the Badger line part.
  • Can withstand the erosion caused by thermal action, with good thermal shock stability.
  • Adapt to damage caused by mechanical action. This damage is caused by abrasion during loading, transportation and iron run-off, as well as by vibration during the refining process. The refractory material should be strong, resistant to mechanical scouring and abrasion. Especially at the point of impact of the molten iron.

Torpedo Ladle

Advantages of Andalusite Brick in Torpedo Ladle

Kerui andalusite bricks have a reasonable chemical composition to improve their chemical aggressiveness. In addition to this, we can also add the right amount of corundum to increase its mechanical strength and slag resistance as per the customer’s requirement. This is the benefit of being a source supplier.

Experimental Data on Andalusite Bricks in Torpedo Ladle

Ordinary Andalusite Brick

To get more accurate figures, Kerui used andalusite brick at the impact site of a 300t torpedo ladle. when the torpedo ladle was treated with 161,000 tons of pig iron, it was found that the andalusite brick was less eroded, with an average reduction in the length of the bricks by 25%, and we can see the serrated shape of its eroded surface. The eroded areas loaded with paste water, andalusite brick eroded more severely and about 45% of the remaining portion still did not spill.

Unburnt Andalusite Brick

In addition to this, a customer has requested the use of unburnt andalusite brick for the lining of a torpedo ladle with a volume of approximately 200 tons. The result was a service life of about 691 tanks and a total of 123,560 tons of iron transported. The raw materials and the production process of this product do not involve firing, which has a significant energy-saving effect.

Graphite Andalusite Brick

For more demanding applications, some customers also require graphite andalusite bricks (also known as graphite high alumina bricks) bonded with resin. While the erosion surface of a fired andalusite brick is approximately 9.7 mm, the erosion surface of a graphite-bonded andalusite brick is smaller, approximately 2 mm. Graphite refractory products effectively prevent slag penetration and erosion. This is related to the composition of the raw material and microstructure. In a non-desulphurized torpedo ladle, fire clay bricks for sale or andalusite bricks are generally used. andalusite brick carbon bricks are used in the integrated lining as well as in areas of severe wear. This product has a brick Al2O3 content of about 60% and a carbon content of about 5%.

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Understanding the application of andalusite brick on torpedo ladle can give help you generate accurate solutions. Besides andalusite brick, Kerui Group China also offers many other types of refractory bricks, insulation bricks, indeterminate products, ceramic fiber insulation products and so on. You can also contact us for a professional ladle solution. Whatever suitable you need, welcome to contact us.

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