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Successful Delivery of Kerui Andalusite Bricks to Russia

At the beginning of 2024, Kerui is delighted to share the successful delivery of andalusite bricks to Russia. Russian customers use these high quality refractory bricks in coke calcining rotary kilns. This is a critical component in their production process. Russian customers keep a stable operation with Kerui Refractory. This time we manufacture high quality andalusite bricks according to customers’ needs.

Successful Delivery of Kerui Andalusite Bricks to Russia

Introduction of Russian Customers Buy Kerui Asnalusite Bricks

Andalusite bricks are known for exceptional thermal stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock. They are widely used in high-temperature applications, making them an ideal choice for coke calcining rotary kilns. These kilns operate at extremely high temperatures. Besides, the andalusite refractory bricks lining the kiln need to withstand these extreme conditions without compromising performance. Here are more details about this case:

  • Product: andalusite bricks;
  • Application: coke calcining rotary kiln;
  • Brick seal: customized;
  • Production cycle: 45 days;
  • Delivery time: 26th December, 2023.

Kerui Andalusite Bricks have been specifically designed to meet these demanding requirements. They are manufactured using high-quality andalusite raw materials, which are carefully selected for their superior properties. The bricks undergo a rigorous manufacturing process, including precise shaping, drying and sintering. This high quality refractory raw material and advanced production process ensure the durability and reliability in high-temperature environments.

Kerui Andalusite Bricks to Russia
Russia Customers Buy Kerui Andalusite Bricks
Details about Kerui Andalusite Bricks to Russia

Customer Review

The quality of the bricks exceeded our expectations. They demonstrated excellent thermal stability and durability, allowing for efficient heat transfer and consistent performance in our production process. We were impressed with the fast delivery time, as Kerui ensured that the bricks reached us promptly, minimizing any disruption to our operations. Additionally, the service quality provided by Kerui was exceptional. They were responsive to our inquiries, provided clear and helpful information, and ensured a smooth installation process. Overall, we are highly satisfied with the product quality, delivery time, and service provided by Kerui. It has been a pleasure working with them, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

We are proud to share the positive feedback we received from our customers in Russia. Regarding the performance of andalusite bricks in their coke calcining rotary kilns, they expressed satisfaction. Mainly are the excellent thermal stability and durability of the high alumina bricks. This product has significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of the production process. Our customer also noted the ease of installation and the prompt delivery of the bricks, highlighting our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.


In conclusion, the successful delivery of Kerui andalusite bricks to Russia showcases our commitment to providing high-quality products for demanding applications. The use of our Andalusite Bricks in coke calcining rotary kilns offers exceptional thermal stability and resistance to thermal shock, leading to improved efficiency and reliability in the production process. We are delighted with the positive feedback from our customers. Kerui Refractory company will continue to innovate and deliver top-notch solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers worldwide.

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