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Wedge Fire Brick

There are 6 sides of wedge fire bricks in total. At least 2 faces are symmetrical trapezoid. This kind of special shaped size has various uses in high temperature furnaces. It can effectively improve the overall performance.

KERUI Wedge Fire Brick for Sale

Use Wedge Fire Brick in High Temperature Kilns

Ensure the Sealing Effect

This wedge-shaped brick has a trapezoidal shape at one end. When they are laid together, they form a perfectly fitting arc. Therefore, this brick can achieve a good sealing effect of the kiln. On this basis, you can then use enough high temperature mortar to fill the joints of the side arch and end arch bricks. More importantly, the thermal efficiency of the industrial furnace can be improved greatly. If you’re looking for a kind of refractory fire brick with superior sealing effect, the shape of wedge will be an ideal choice.

Save Masonry Costs

When encountering turning parts of the kiln, such as the top of the furnace, the corners of the furnace, etc., the use of wedge bricks can reduce the total amount of refractory bricks used. In addition, although it is cheap to buy standard-sized refractory firebricks, they need to be cut into specified shapes according to the working conditions when used, which consumes more labor costs. And the consumption of refractory mortar and other joint filling materials will be much less.

Types of Kerui Wedge Brick

KERUI Side Arch Brick

Side Arch Brick

  • Wedge side: 2 small/top sides;
  • Applications: the wider side of side arch bricks is used for the top and the narrower side is for the inner lining of the kiln. These bricks can form a smaller curvature top or corner.
KERUI End Arch Brick

End Arch Brick

  • Wedge side: 2 long sides;
  • Applications: the difference in side size of this kind of brick is relatively less obvious. This end arch brick for sale is suitable for vaults with larger arcs. Please contact Kerui to customize your fire bricks.
KERUI Key Brick for Sale

Key Brick

  • Wedge side: 2 big sides;
  • Applications: this six-sided refractory key brick is widely used in steel drums and other high-temperature industries. Use with standard size of refractory bricks to build a perfectly fitting kiln.

Production Ability of KERUI Refractory

Rich Production Experience

Kerui has more than 20 years of production experience, especially in the production of special-shaped bricks. As an original high alumina brick supplier, Kerui’s annual production of refractory bricks reaches 150,000 tons. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about our production capacity. For common wedge bricks, our factory may have enough stock. Contact us now to check stock availability.

Customize Size and Composition

Kerui supports customizing the shape according to customer drawings, and customizing ingredients according to the physical and chemical indicators given by the customer under reasonable circumstances. At Kerui factory, there are more than 20 high-tonnage presses that can achieve precise molding. We have self-made molds that can quickly produce the products you want. Besides, we support customize the composition of wedge brick including high alumina brick, sillimanite brick, andalusite brick

Fast Delivery

Wedge bricks are ordinary special-shaped bricks. With leading manufacturing capabilities and an efficient shipping team, Kerui is one of the few manufacturers that can complete shipments within 7-15 working days. During the shipping process, our business managers will keep in close contact with you to obtain the latest updates.

Details of KERUI Wedge Brick
KERUI Wedge Fire Bricks in Factory
Wedge Brick in KERUI Factory

Reliable Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory


Kerui wedge fire bricks are indeed useful refractory materials in application. Using wedge bricks in areas with special requirements and standard bricks in ordinary areas can produce perfect results. Contact Kerui now to customize it for you!

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