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Kerui Magnesia Carbon Brick is Ready for Shipment

A batch of magnesia carbon brick is ready for shipment. Kerui Refractory is excited to announce this good news. Compared to traditional Magnesia-Carbon bricks, Kerui’s Magnesia Carbon refractory brick offers significantly higher hot strength and thermal shock resistance. With its high carbon content, it provides excellent thermal shock properties, while the magnesia gives outstanding slag resistance.

KERUI Magnesia Carbon Brick for Shipment

Orders of this batch of magensia carbon refractory brick are currently being accepted for projects in industries such as steel, nonferrous metals, and petrochemicals. These bricks can be used in applications such as ladle blocks, troughs, transfer car bottoms, and furnace foundations.

Kerui’s MGO-C brick offers an optimized solution for the most demanding high temperature applications. Customers can expect a reliable service life, even under conditions of severe thermal cycling.

Export Magnesia Carbon Brick
Mgo C Brick in Factory
Package of Magnesia Carbon Brick

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