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Magnesia Carbon Refractory Brick

Magnesia carbon refractory brick combines excellent heat resistance of magnesia (MgO) and the mechanical strength of carbon (C). Kerui offers reference MgO-C brick price as more than 2.22-6.90 USD per piece. The final cost is affected by specification, quantity, shipment etc.

  • 69-85%

    MgO (≥)

  • 5-18%

    C (≥)

  • 2.87-3.15g/cm³

    Bulk Density

  • 30-50MPa

    Cold Crushing Strength

  • Kerui authentication

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KERUI Magnesia Carbon Brick

Kerui Magnesia Carbon Refractory Brick for Sale

Other names of Kerui magnesia carbon refractory brick are magnesium carbon brick, magnesite carbon brick, mag carbon brick, MgO-C brick and so on. These different expressions refer to magnesia carbon refractory brick.

In addition to MgO and C, magnesia carbon brick also adds tar pitch or resin as a binder. The MgO content is above 69% and C content is above 5%. Correspondingly, excellent and precise raw materials create excellent performance of magnesia carbon heat refractory brick.

Kerui Magnesia Carbon Brick in Bulk
KERUI High-quality Magnesia Carbon Brick
KERUI MgO C Brick for Sale

Choose Suitable Magnesia Carbon Brick from Kerui

Kerui provides more than 20 kinds of magnesia carbon bricks for sale. You can refer the table below to confirm which kind of brick you need. Please tell Kerui the magnesia carbon refractory you need and you’ll get a quick reply.

Item/Gradeω (MgO)/%ω (C)/%Bulk Density
Cold Crushing
Apparent Porosity/%High-temperature
Bending Strength
MT-5A85.0 1.55.0 1.0 3.10 0.0550.0 10.0 5.0 1.0 //
MT-5B84.0 1.55.0 1.0 3.020.0550.0 10.0 6.0 1.0 //
MT-5C82.0 1.55.0 1.0 2.920.0545.0 10.0 7.0 1.0 //
MT-5D80.0 1.55.0 1.0 2.90 0.0540.0 10.0 8.0 1.0 //
MT-8A82.0 1.58.0 1.0 3.050.0545.0 10.0 4.51.0 //
MT-8B81.0 1.58.0 1.0 3.00 0.0545.0 10.0 5.0 1.0 //
MT-8C79.0 1.58.0 1.0 2.90 0.0540.0 10.0 6.0 1.0 //
MT-8D77.0 1.58.0 1.0 2.87 0.0535.0 10.0 7.0 1.0 //
MT-10A80.0 1.510.0 1.0 3.020.0340.0 10.0 4.0 0.56.0 1.0
MT-10B79.0 1.510.0 1.0 2.970.0340.0 10.0 4.50.5//
MT-10C77.0 1.510.0 1.0 2.920.0335.0 10.0 5.0 0.5//
MT-10D75.0 1.510.0 1.0 2.870.0335.0 10.0 6.0 0.5//
MT-12A78.0 1.212.0 1.0 2.970.0340.0 10.0 4.0 0.56.0 1.0
MT-12B77.0 1.212.0 1.0 2.940.0335.0 10.0 4.0 0.5//
MT-12C75.0 1.212.0 1.0 2.920.0335.0 10.0 4.50.5//
MT-12D73.0 1.212.0 1.0 2.850.0330.0 10.0 5.50.5//
MT-14A76.0 1.214.0 1.0 2.950.0338.0 10.0 3.50.510.0 1.0
MT-14B74.0 1.214.0 1.0 2.90 0.0335.0 10.0 3.50.5//
MT-14C72.0 1.214.0 1.0 2.870.0335.0 10.0 4.0 0.5//
MT-14D68.0 1.214.0 1.0 2.810.0330.0 10.0 5.0 0.5//
MT-16A74.0 1.216.0 0.82.920.0335.0 8.0 1.0
MT-16B72.0 1.216.0 0.82.870.0335.0 8.0 3.50.5//
MT-16C70.0 1.216.0 0.82.820.0330.0 8.0 4.0 0.5//
MT-18A72.0 1.218.0 0.82.890.0335.0 8.0 3.0 0.510.0 1.0
MT-18B70.0 1.218.0 0.82.840.0330.0 8.0 3.50.5//
MT-18C69.0 1.218.0 0.82.790.0330.0 8.0 4.0 0.5//

KERUI Magnesia Carbon Bricks Properties

High Thermal Shock Resistance

Magnesia carbon refractory brick exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock, which makes it ideal for applications involving rapid temperature changes and cycling. Whether it’s in the intense heat of a blast furnace or the fluctuating temperatures of a ladle, Kerui MgO-C brick keeps performing reliably. Moreover, it reduces the risk of thermal shock-related failures.

Superior Chemical Resistance

The carbonaceous component in magnesia carbon refractory brick provides exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion, which makes it suitable for environments where contact with molten metals, slag or aggressive chemicals. Correspondingly, this bricks remain durable and dependable, even when exposed to harsh chemicals, slag, or molten metals.

Excellent Slag Resistance

During the steel making process, there is strong corrosion of molten iron and many other slags. Due to the excellent combination of MgO and C, this brick performs stable property in the workign environment. The slag will not destroy structure of magnesium brick. By choosing Kerui, customers can extend the lifespan of their refractory linings and minimize costly maintenance.

Enhanced Thermal Conductivity

The presence of carbon in magnesia carbon refractory brick enhances its thermal conductivity, facilitating efficient heat transfer and distribution within high-temperature equipment. Besides, this property allows for faster and more efficient heat distribution, which contributes to better temperature control and energy savings. As a result, customers can achieve greater process efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Extended Service Life

The unique properties of this magnesia brick contribute to its longevity and resistance to wear, resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime costs. Moreover, these bricks are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and maintain their performance over an extended period. Therefore, this longevity translates to significant cost savings by reducing the frequency of brick replacements and associated downtime.

Excellent Mechanical Strength

The combination of magnesia and carbon results in a refractory brick with superior mechanical strength, which enables it to withstand heavy loads, abrasion and mechanical stress. Additionally, it has good performance in stress and abrasion. Whether it’s in the steel industry or non-ferrous metallurgy, Kerui magnesite carbon bricks maintain the structural integrity, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

KERUI Excellent Magnesia Carbon Brick
Buy KERUI Magnesia Carbon Refractory Brick

Magnesia Carbon Bricks Manufacturing Process

The production of magnesia carbon brick doesn’t need sintering, which has shorter production cycle and can delivery quickly. Here is description of magnesia carbon bricks manufacturing process:

Process of Raw Material

Crush natural magnesia and other raw materials into specified size. The quality inspection department will check the appearance, size, color and chemical compositions. The superior raw material will be transported into fully automatic batching system.

Molding Process

Kerui advanced press machine can mold magnesia bricks with precise shape and size. Moreover, as the molding pressure increases, the strength, density and load softening temperature of this fire resistant brick for sale will also increase accordingly.

Heat Treatment Process

In the advanced heat treatment system, Kerui skillful workers will put magnesia bricks into high temperature kilns at 220℃ (428℉). Additionally, MgO and C with high purity react chemically at this temperature and form a compact structure.

Package Process

Kerui SKILLFUL workers and quality inspection department will check the finished magnesia carbon bricks carefully. Moreover, Kerui staff will pack the high-quality magnesia carbon bricks will in strict accordance with customer requirements.

Manufacturing Process of Refractory Brick

KERUI Magnesia Carbon Bricks Uses

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Steel-making Industry

Due to excellent characteristics, magnesia carbon fire brick is very suitable for iron and steel smelting. Carbon materials are not easily corroded by slag and molten steel. Besides, magnesia has high refractoriness, strong slag resistance and creep resistance and can well deal with slag lines and steel ports that are severely damaged by corrosion. Customers often use this brick in converters of steelmaking furnaces, electric arc furnaces, inner linings, ladle slag lines, refining furnaces and other parts.

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Other High Temperature Industries

In addition to the steel industry, magnesium carbon bricks have wide applications in other high-temperature kilns that are severely eroded by alkaline substances. Such as basic oxygen furnace lining, metallurgical furnace, cement furnace, working lining of ceramic furnace and other parts. Therefore, Kerui magnesia carbon refractory brick is suitable for all kinds of high temperature furnaces and kilns. Many customers choose the magnesium carbon brick for their business.

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Steel Making
Magnesia Carbon Brick for Steel Making
Useful KERUI Magnesium Carbon Brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick for High Temp Kilns

Leading Magnesia Carbon Brick Manufacturer in China – Kerui Refractory

Technical Support

Kerui has engineers who are professional in magnesium carbon bricks. Additionally, reliable magnesia carbon bricks manufacturers can provide perfect magnesia brick solutions. Moreover, professional engineers are ready to solve your problems at any time.

Strict Quality Control

The quality inspection department strictly controls all production links of magnesia carbon bricks. In addition to meeting the ISO international production standards, Kerui Refractory must also far exceed the peer standards.

Kerui Engineer Service

Rich Experience

Kerui exported magnesite carbon bricks to more than 30 countries and 5 continents. With excellent quality and responsible service, Kerui has accumulated a good reputation in the international market. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Comprehensive Service

Kerui Company provides comprehensive services for global customers, including complete solutions for magnesia carbon bricks, technical support, after-sales service and so on. Besides, Kerui professional team provides one-stop service.

Reliable Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

How to Improve the Service Life of Kerui Magnesia Brick?

Customize Chemical Composition

Consider what kind of physical and chemical environment the magnesia carbon brick will expose and customize the chemical composition of this brick. By changing chemical composition, the property of magnesia carbonn brick is also various. For example, you can add oxidizers to slow down the oxidation rate of mag carbon bricks.

Proper Installation

Generally speaking, many different refractory materials are required for the masonry of high-temperature kilns. Morever, please make sure that the magnesia carbon bricks are installed with the correct technique. In addition, sufficient curing time needs to be allowed after installation to ensure stronger bonding between magnesium carbon bricks.

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection is necessary to find problems and fix them on time. This step is helpful to preven potential problems. Kerui after-sales team offers professional inspection manual for your reference. If you buy refractory brick wholesale, please contact Kerui and you can get professional technical support and regular inspection.

Confirm Operation Condition

Each brick has clear instructions on the use temperature, load softening temperature, thermal shock resistance and other indicators. Besides, it is necessary to confirm and evaluate the operating conditions before the start-up of the kiln. Using within the limit of magnesite carbon bricks can prolong the service life to the greatest extent.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks in KERUI Factory
Kerui magnesia carbon bricks are very hard and have excellent performance in all aspects. At the same time, Kerui will provide support to customers from all aspects. Cooperating with reliable magnesia carbon brick supplier will benefit you a lot! If you have a demand for magnesia carbon bricks, please contact us immediately. You can also learn more through Kerui social media platforms.

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