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Silica Brick for Hot Blast Furnace

Silica brick for hot blast furnace can better meet the demand for high temperature as well as the service life. The working temperature of hot blast furnace is one of the most important measures to reduce energy consumption. With the advancement of blast furnace smelting technology, the temperature of the hot air inside the kiln changes even more. Under such operating conditions for a long time, the original ordinary clay bricks or high alumina bricks were gradually replaced. Now silica bricks and low creep high alumina bricks are suitable for this hot blast furnace. Today we mainly discuss how the special silica bricks for hot blast furnaces meet the needs.

KERUI Silica Brick for Hot Blast Furnace

Challenges of Hot Blast Furnace Refractory Materials

The working temperature of hot blast stoves continues to increase, gradually increasing from 500-650℃(932-1202℉) to about 1200-1300℃(2192-2372℉). The maximum temperature that hot blast stove refractory materials can withstand and its load softening temperature has become technical problems. To this end, Kerui has developed silica checker bricks specifically for hot blast stoves. This product is very suitable for hot blast furnace vaults, furnace wall high-temperature areas, etc. In addition, in areas with strong thermal shock, customers can also choose low-creep high-alumina bricks to maintain the overall stability of the kiln. This technological advancement helps ensure the safety of hot blast furnace operation and improves its service life.

Blast Furnace Silica Brick
Masonry of Silica Brick in Hot Blast Furnace
Silica Brick for Hot Blast Stove
KERUI Excellent Silica Brick for Hot Blast Stove

Characteristics Of Special Silica Bricks For Hot Blast Stoves

Strong Volume Stability

Silicon bricks exhibit excellent volume stability under long-term high tempe and heavy loads. This means they reduce the risk of deformation and damage to the hot blast stove. The low creep rate allows them to be continuously used for extended periods. Besides, it can effectively prolong the lifespan of the hot blast stove and reduce production costs.

Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Kerui silica bricks have good resistance to thermal shocks at temperatures above 600°C(1112℉). This is important because hot blast stoves experience temperature variations. Besides, the ability of silicon bricks to withstand the high temperature fluctuations helps maintain the integrity of the overall structure of the hot blast stove.

Strong Acid Resistance

The silica bricks belong to acid refractory materials. They possess excellent resistance to acidic slag erosion. This characteristic is particularly important in hot blast stoves. Even exposure to alkaline substances in coal gas and dust will only result in the formation of a glassy layer on the surface of the bricks, without causing any significant damage or spalling.

High Thermal Conductivity

Silicon bricks have higher thermal conductivity compared to clay bricks and high-alumina bricks. This property is advantageous for the efficient storage and release of heat within the hot blast stove. The higher thermal conductivity allows for quicker heat transfer and distribution, contributing to the stove’s overall performance.

High Working Temperature

While the fire resistance of silicon bricks is not exceptionally high (ranging from 1690-1730°C), they have a high load softening temperature (ranging from 1640-1670°C). This unique combination of properties makes silicon bricks suitable for hot blast stoves, where they can withstand the operating temperatures and the weight of the materials being processed.

Excellent Thermal Expansion

High quality silicon bricks have a relatively high coefficient of expansion. Heating silicon bricks to around 1450°C can cause them to expand by 1.5-2.2% in volume. This expansion helps create tight joints between bricks, ensuring good airtightness and structural strength of the overall masonry. The application of Kerui alumina silica firebrick can realize resaonable expansion.

KERUI Silica Brick
KERUI Silica Firebrick
Excellent Silica Brick

Tips for Using Silica Bricks in Hot Blast Furnace

Maintenance of hot blast stoves using silicon bricks typically involves regular inspections to identify any signs of wear, cracks, or damage. If any issues are detected, prompt repairs should be carried out to prevent further damage and ensure the stove’s optimal performance. It is also important to clean the stove regularly to remove any ash or debris that may accumulate and affect its efficiency.

To assist your project, Kerui Refractory Group is glad to offer professional technical service as well as high quality products. Please contact us whenever you’re in need of refractory products.

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