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Magnesia Bricks for RH Furnace

Magnesia bricks important in iron making industry for the excellent slag resistance. Among them, rotary kilns and other high temperature equipment have a great need for this product. For RH furnace, there are mainly a few kinds of magnesia bricks for option: magnesia spinel bricks, magnesia carbon bricks and magnesia chrome bricks. As for the specific product, customers should combine the requirements.

Use Magnesia Bricks in RH Furnace

Reasons to Use Magnesia Bricks in RH Furnace

The working principle of the RH furnace is mainly the cyclic degassing method jointly developed by the German Ruhrstahl Company and Heraeus Company. In order to compensate for the heat loss of molten steel, the RH furnace needs to be operated under vacuum sealing conditions. This requires the refractory materials that make up the RH furnace. The high-speed flow and high corrosiveness of molten steel place high demands on refractory materials. Kerui magnesium oxide bricks have high working temperature and strong resistance to alkaline slag erosion. In addition, Kerui also provides matching unshaped refractory materials to achieve good sealing performance. Here are some details about advantages of magnesia bricks in RH furnaces.

High Working Temperature

Magnesia bricks have a high working temperature range. Typically the working temperature is between 1300°C to 1600°C (2372℉ to 2912℉). When you use Kerui magnesia refractory bricks, you’ll find they can withstand extremely high temperatures without losing the structural integrity. In fact, the refractoriness of magnesia brick is crucial in RH furnaces.

Resistance to Alkaline Slag Erosion

Molten steel in the RH furnace is highly corrosive and can cause severe erosion on the lining materials. Magnesia bricks have excellent resistance to alkaline slag erosion, which makes them an ideal choice for the harsh environment inside the furnace. This resistance ensures the longevity and stability of the lining, which reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Thermal Shock Resistance

RH furnaces often experience rapid temperature changes during operation, leading to thermal shocks. Magnesia bricks have good thermal shock resistance. It can withstand these temperature fluctuations without cracking or spalling. This property ensures the integrity and performance of the lining, even under challenging conditions.

Availability of Matching Unshaped Refractory Materials

In addition to magnesia bricks, Kerui Refractory also offers matching unshaped and monolithic refractory products. These materials can enhance the overall performance and sealing capabilities of the RH furnace lining. The combination provides a comprehensive solution for the demands of the RH furnace.

Magnesia Refractory Bricks

Common Magnesia Bricks for RH Furnace

KERUI Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick

Magnesia Spinel Brick for RH Furnace

Magnesia spinel brick is primarily made from magnesia and synthetic spinel as the main raw materials. It has a temperature range of approximately 1300°C to 1500°C. Besides, this type of brick exhibits excellent resistance to chemical erosion caused by alkaline slag and molten steel. Additionally, Kerui magnesia spinel brick has outstanding mechanical properties and can withstand wear and tear in RH furnace.

KERUI Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia Carbon Brick for RH Furnace

Magnesia carbon brick is a composite refractory material that effectively utilizes the strong resistance to slag erosion of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion rate of carbon. It overcomes the major drawback of poor spalling resistance of magnesia bricks. Therefore, magnesia carbon brick is suitable for the lining of RH furnaces, providing excellent performance in terms of both slag resistance and thermal conductivity.

KERUI Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesia Chrome Brick for RH Furnace

Kerui magnesia chrome brick has a high working temperature, reaching up to 1600°C. This type of brick is suitable for areas with higher operating temperatures. It also exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock, maintaining stable performance even under frequent thermal fluctuations. Kerui magnesia chrome brick has good mechanical properties. As a result, it can remain intact under external forces.

The above are a few common magnesia bricks for RH furnaces. It’s crucial to choose a reliable refractory product manufacturer for long term operation. Now choosing the appropriate magnesia brick for an RH furnace depends on factors such as the specific steel refining process, temperature requirements and the corrosive environment within the furnace. Kerui is glad to assist your project.

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