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KERUI All Kinds of Magnesia Bricks for Sale

Magnesia Bricks for RH Furnace

Magnesia bricks important in iron making industry for the excellent slag resistance. Among them, rotary kilns and other high temperature equipment have a great need for this product. For RH furnace, there are mainly a few kinds of magnesia bricks for option: magnesia spinel bricks, … Read More

Choose Refractory Brick for Cement Kiln

How to Choose Refractory Brick for Cement Kiln

As the market’s requirements for cement production efficiency and quality increase, it is extremely important to select refractory bricks for cement kilns. Because this means that the operation speed of cement kilns will continue to accelerate, and the operating temperature of the kiln will also … Read More

Masonry of Lightweight Insulating Fire Brick

How Does Low Creep Rate Influence the Refractory Bricks

The creep rate of refractory bricks has a significant impact on their performance. The creep rate refers to the gradual deformation and change in shape that occurs in materials. Moreover, the raw material will face high temperatures and constant stress over time. In the case … Read More

Kerui Refractory Well Block

Refractory Well Block

The main function of refractory well block is to fix the nozzle brick in steel making process. A common application site is the bottom of steel ladle. The shape is mostly square and the use is often in the continuous casting process of the steelmaking … Read More

KERUI Wedge Fire Brick for Sale

Wedge Fire Brick

There are 6 sides of wedge fire bricks in total. At least 2 faces are symmetrical trapezoid. This kind of special shaped size has various uses in high temperature furnaces. It can effectively improve the overall performance. Use Wedge Fire Brick in High Temperature Kilns … Read More

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Module

The Insulation Principle of Ceramic Fiber Modules

Understanding the insulation principle of ceramic fiber modules is helpful for the high temperature applications. Now these high quality cwramic fiber insulation modules are crucial for optimizing the performance of various kilns and furnaces. Today we will explore the insulation principle of ceramic fiber modules, … Read More

Kerui Useful Fire Clay Mortar

Where to Buy Refractory Cement

As an important raw material for kiln masonry and refractory production, many customers want to know where to buy refractory cement. Usually, the purchasing methods are nothing more than online and offline. Here are some reliable ways to buy high quality refractory cement. Buy Refractory … Read More

Useful Sillimanite Refractory Bricks in Glass Kiln

How Long Do Fire Bricks Last

Welcome to Kerui official website to discuss about how long do fire bricks last. This is a crucial question for customers to choose suitable kinds of fire bricks. Here we mainly explore fire bricks in large industrial kilns and furnaces. Lifespan of Each Kind of … Read More