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Construction of Kerui Refractory Castable

Useful Tips for the Application of Refractory Castable

Today Kerui provides some useful tips for the construction of refractory castable. It’s well known that refractory castable has superior performance in high temperature environments. Proper construction as well as storage is crucial to make sure the performance is as you expected. Here we’ll present … Read More

Inspection of Kilns and Furnaces

Refractory Products in Inspection of Kilns and Furnaces

When it comes to September, it’s necessary to inspect and check the safety of high temperature kilns. Refractory products play a crucial role in the inspection, maintenance, and operation of kilns and furnaces in various industries. These refractory materials are designed to withstand high temperatures, … Read More

Different Fire Brick Dimensions

Fire Brick Dimensions

The fire brick has wide applications in various industries. To make it more convenient for customers, there are different fire brick dimensions. Fire brick dimensions play a crucial role in determining the overall structure’s integrity and heat-retention capabilities. As a professional as well as an … Read More

Buy Fire Brick from Distributor

Where Can I Buy Fire Brick?

Among so many fire brick supplier, it’s not difficult to know where can you buy fire brick. While customers prefer to get suitable and reliable firebricks at the least time. To save your time and energy, Kerui provides a detailed guide about where to buy … Read More

Types of Fire Bricks

Types of Fire Bricks

In applications of high temerature industries, there is a must demand for fire bricks. Among so many kinds of refractory products, customers always have problems on specific types of fire bricks. Today, Kerui offers a complete guide on different types of fire bricks. Different Chemical … Read More

A Kind of Soft Brick - Clay Brick

Soft Brick vs Hard Brick

It is well known that refractory bricks can be divided into soft brick and hard brick. Although there is only one-word difference, soft brick vs hard brick is totally different. Do you want to know how to distinguish them? Do you want to know which … Read More

Use Kerui Fire Brick in Various Kilns

What is Fire Brick?

Fire brick is also known as refractory brick. From the name we can know it’s a kind of brick that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Fire bricks are bricks used in high temperature environments. Usually customers buy refractory bricks to be used in the lining … Read More