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Useful Tips for the Application of Refractory Castable

Today Kerui provides some useful tips for the construction of refractory castable. It’s well known that refractory castable has superior performance in high temperature environments. Proper construction as well as storage is crucial to make sure the performance is as you expected. Here we’ll present the tips from 3 aspects: shipment, storage and construction.

1. Shipment Tips for Refractory Castable

As a professional castable manufacturer and exporter, Kerui will take strict protective measures every time when transporting castable to the customer’s location. This will minimize possible accidents during transportation. The main measures taken by Kerui are:

Shock Proof

When packaging the castable, Kerui workers use shock-resistant packaging bags and other shock-proof products to reduce damage by shock. Because refractory castable is in granular form, it’s important to prevent them from breaking. Therefore, anti-shock measures are essential to ensure the construction effect.

Moisture Proof

There are various weather conditions during transportation. The waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof packaging of Kerui refractory castable can effectly prevent the penetration of rainwater and other impurities. This is also an important measure to ensure the quality of refractory castable.

Stable Guarantee

In order to ensure the stable package of refractory castable, the quality inspection system will strictly inspect each batch of products. In addition, we use three-layer packaging of wooden pallets, high-quality plastic film and steel straps to ensure stability and prevent the castable from spilling or being damaged.

Shipment of Kerui Refractory Castable

2. Storage Tips for Refractory Castable

Generally speaking, castables are used in conjunction with other refractory bricks and ceramic fiber lining insulation materials. And for large-scale projects, these castables cannot be used all at once. In order to extend the shelf life of refractory castables and ensure that subsequent performance is not affected, Kerui provides the following recommendations for the correct storage of castables:

Avoid Humid Conditions

Moisture and other microorganisms in humid environments will chemically react with refractory castables, causing performance changes. Therefore, it is best for customers to avoid humid environments when storing castables.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Refractory castables may age faster when it’s exposed to direct sunlight. In order to effectively extend the shelf life of high temperature castable refractory, customers are advised to store it in a cool and ventilated environment.

Regular Inspection

Kerui recommends that customers check the status of the refractory castables regularly, at least once a month. If you find any abnormal conditions, please contact Kerui immediately for professional solutions.

Storage of Kerui Refractory Castable

3. Construction Tips for Refractory Castable

The ultimate goal of customers purchasing refractory castable is to obtain good construction results. This is also the final step to ensure the performance of this product. In order to ensure the smooth progress of customer projects, Kerui provides professional construction and technical guidance.

Casting Method

Different refractory castable products require different construction methods. According to different engineering requirements, Kerui engineers provide professional construction manuals. In this way, customers can choose the appropriate pouring method to ensure that the refractory castable completely covers the target area.

Mixing and Ingredients

Whether it is machine mixing or manual mixing, it is important to ensure that the composition of the mixed high temperature refractory cement and refractory castable is uniform. This avoids possible performance differences. In addition, special attention needs are important to the proportion of water added to the refractory castable.

Temperature Control

When it comes to high temperature applications, customers need to control heating and cooling rates. It is wise to heat up and cool down slowly to avoid problems caused by thermal stress. In addition, Kerui provides recommended temperatures for the mixing, proportioning, pouring and curing of castables.


During the first few hours of construction of the refractory castable, customers had better maintain a constant temperature and humidity on the surface. This prevents premature cracking of the castable. In addition, Kerui provides professional maintenance guidance according to different construction conditions.

Construction of Kerui Refractory Castable


As an important binding agent in high-temperature environments, customers had better understand various precautions during the application of refractory castable. Only by correctly mastering the application method of refractory castables, there is a guarantee for project quality and construction safety. In the future, Kerui Refractory company will continue to share relevant knowledge about the refractory industry with everyone. If you have questions or needs about refractory materials, please feel free to contact Kerui!

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