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Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

Alumina silicon carbide brick is composed of high alumina bauxite, silicon carbide, mullite, etc. As a composed refractory brick, the hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity, heat vibration stability are improved greatly.

  • 60-65

    Al2O3% (≥)

  • 28-30

    SiO2+SiC% (≥)

  • 2.55-2.65

    Bulk Density (g/cm³)

  • 75-90

    Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)


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Kerui Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

What is Kerui Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick?

Kerui alumina silicon carbide brick, also known as Al-SiC brick or silica mullite brick, is a composite refractory brick comprised of 60%-68% Al2O3 and 28%-30% SiC. This composite refractory brick for sale is specially formulated to possess the advantageous properties of both alumina and silicon carbide. These two excellent materials make it highly suitable for a variety of refractory applications.

KERUI Silicon Mullite Briclk
Kerui Excellent Silicon Mullite Brick
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Physical and Chemical Index of Kerui Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

To understand the suitability of alumina silicon carbide bricks, you can refer to the physical and chemical index below. Kindly specify the product you need, and Kerui will promptly respond to your inquiry.

ω (Al2O3) ≥/%656360
Bulk Density ≥/(g/cm³)2.652.60 2.55
Apparent Porosity ≤/%171719
Cold Crushing Strength ≥/MPa859090
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload T0.6 ≥/℃165016001550
Thermal Shock Resistances (1100℃, Water Cooling) ≥/times101012
Resistance to Abrasion at Ambient Temperature ≥/cm35
Thermal Expansion/%/

Advantages of Kerui Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick for Sale

Environmentally Friendly

The production and application of Kerui alumina silicon carbide bricks are environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, Raw materials for Al-SiC brick are renewable and the collection process won’t cause a negative impact on the environment. In addition, Kerui uses desulfurization and denitrification equipment to purify waste gas and control pollutant emissions. Therefore, the long service life of Kerui alumina silicon carbide bricks can reduce replacement and resource consumption effectively.

Excellent Performance

With advanced production technology and superior raw materials, Kerui high alumina silicon carbide brick has excellent performance. Besides, Kerui fully automatic batching system is helpful for accurate ratio of alumina silicon carbide bricks. This system helps ensure the properties of alumina silicon carbide bricks are in line with the forecast. This brick performs well in refractoriness, resistance to thermal shock, thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion, hardness and many other aspects.

Favorable Price

Kerui provides alumina silicon carbide bricks at a favorable price, especially when you consider bulk purchase bricks. What’s more, Kerui is an original alumina silicon carbide brick manufacturer. Customers can get fair prices without the cost of intermediate links. Another reason of Kerui provides competitive alumina silicon carbide brick price is that our factory is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province, which owns rich resources for refractory materials and reduces production costs.

Customized Support

Kerui values the unique requirements of each customer. They provide personalized and tailored support to ensure the bricks meet specific needs and applications. Whether it’s the shape, size, or specific properties, Kerui works closely with customers to customize the alumina refractory bricks accordingly. This customized support guarantees that the bricks will fit perfectly in the intended environment, which enhances performance and customer satisfaction.

Storage of Kerui Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick
High Quality Silicon Carbide Brick for Sale

Kilns That Need Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

Sudden Change in Temperature

Kilns in steel and iron-making industry and glass industry will face sudden changes in temperature, erosion of slag and iron, oxidation and other conditions. Thus, Kerui alumina silicon carbide bricks can face these conditions and maintain the smooth running of the project.

Higher Comprehensive Requirements

Due to the high performance of composite silicon carbide refractory bricks, Kerui alumina silicon carbide brick can meet higher comprehensive requirements and form a protective layer on the surface. And Kilns with higher comprehensive requirements include particle steel rotary kilns, magnesite incinerators, sintered mullite rotary kilns, etc.

Require Other Alumina Silicon Carbide Materials

According to different application parts, Kerui supports other alumina silicon carbide refractory materials. For example alumina silicon carbide plates, alumina silicon carbide rings, alumina silicon carbide kiln furniture and other products.

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Manufacturing Process of Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

1. Raw Material Processing System

The first step is to select high-quality raw materials for Al-SiC brick. Kerui quality inspection department will check the raw materials carefully and store them in partitions. At the same time, the fully automatic batching machine can realize accurate ratio of raw materials. Next, the batching equipment mixes the raw materials and pours them into molds.

2. Molding System

The mixed brick pulp will be pressed and molded by more than 20 sets of high tonnage press machines. Molded Al-SiC fire bricks will be measured and weighed for the second time to control the product quality.

3. Drying System

Molded Al-SiC bricks will be put on kiln cars and entered tunnel kilns for drying. Then drying system can effectively remove the moisture in the aluminum silicon carbide bricks and avoid cracking in the subsequent sintering process.

4. Sintering System

Sintering system has higher temperature to promote bonding of alumina silicon carbide bricks. Intelligent PLC controls monitor the position and temperature of more than 100 kiln cars in real time. The temperature fluctuation in the kiln is small and the product quality is stable.

5. Packaging and Delivery System

After cooling down, Kerui workers will pack these refractory fire bricks carefully with wood tray, high-quality plastic film and steel belt. Meanwhile, our efficient team ensures on-time delivery.

Manufacturing Process of Refractory Brick

Leading Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Innovative R&D Ability

To maintain competitive edge, Kerui is dedicated to exploring new materials, formulations and manufacturing techniques. Thus, it improves the performance and durability of these high temp fire bricks. As a result. KERUI developes alumina silicon carbide bricks and many other composite bricks to improve your efficiency.

Responsible Service

From project consultation to after-sales service, Kerui offers responsible support. International business manager is ready to solve your problems at any time. Meanwhile, a professional after-sales team can guide the installation and maintenance of alumina silicon carbide bricks.

Efficient Production

Reasonable production process and intelligent equipment in Kerui are important to optimize production efficiency. The annual output of Kerui is 150,000 tons. Even customers require large scale of alumina silicon carbide bricks, Kerui can complete production and delivery in short time.

Rich Project Experience

During the past 20 years, Kerui has been an experienced firebrick supplier. We cooperated with more than 2,000 customers and various industries. Noe Kerui By drawing on extensive experience, Kerui ensures that customers receive reliable, high-performance alumina silicon carbide bricks that meet their unique project needs.

Kerui Refractory in China

Kerui alumina silicon carbide refractory brick has outstanding performance in many aspects. Hence this brick has wide applications and can ensure the safe and efficient production. If you’re thing about buying alumina silicon carbide refractory bricks, please contact Kerui now.

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